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The Beauty and the Beast
groups and forum

Most groups are hosted by Yahoo: a Yahoo ID is requested to join.
In the home page of each Yahoo list a table in the bottom of the page shows the monthly traffic.

BBTV classic list (no 3season) 
Episode Discussion episode discussion of first 2 seasons
I recommend fanfic and fanzine discussion
TunnelDreams all season list
Gutter Coffee Shop adult list
Tunnel Family B&B and general topics
Beauty and the Beast TV Forum forum
La bella y la bestia Espa˝ol
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast Forum
Deutsch - one list and one forum
Dans les Tunnels Franšais
La Bella e la Bestia Italiano
Beauty and the Beast: 3s and Beyond 3rd season - adult list
BatBAussieTunnels Australian group
A Secret Place B&B Role Play Group
WFOL only open during Winterfest Online
And then there are the B&B chats. Episode watching chats, 3s chats, zine reading chats, European time chats announcements of chats scheduled


There are also fans on FaceBook




the above is open to everyone, the following need a FB account:


Beauty and the Beast TV 1987




More Yahoo B&B lists here:


And other scattered forum around the web, like Imdb, Livejournal, Amazon, etc.




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