Happy Anniversary

I Found Hope That Night

A Collection of Creative Contributions for Vincent & Catherine's April 12th, 2014 Anniversary

As the April 12th Anniversary date approached, a message went out on the bbtv Yahoo group ...  "Let's create something to share on April 12!"  And share they did! Collected here are the creative goodies from this year's Anniversary challenge.

At the end of each entry, you'll find a link to the next. So, sit back with a nice cup of tea and enjoy.

Vicky's Recording of "BatB Theme Revisited" by Patricia Lurvey

Happy Anniversary, Catherine and Vincent by Patricia Lurvey

Happy Anniversary by Judith Nolan

Vincent's Journal Entry by Judith Nolan

Sunday, April 12, 1992 by Judith Nolan

The Request by JoAnn Baca

Anniversary Dance Graphic by Carole W

Vignette by Odile Seng

Vignette by Olivia K Goode

Vignette by Crowmama

Reminiscence by Cindy Rae

Vignette #1 by Cindy Rae

Anniversary Notes by JoAnn Baca

Vignette #2 by Cindy Rae

Vignette by RedNightBird

Vignette #3 by Cindy Rae

Comments by Janet Rivenbark