The Beauty and the Beast (original TV series) Museum Project

We are always seeking pictures of any and all series costumes and props, as well as B&B memorabilia (decor, artwork, photos, documents, scripts, and hand-crafted items). We like as much information as possible on an item, including their history, size, materials, etc. We will attempt to identify items if the owner is not sure of their origin.

Owners may use an alias when the item is posted in the Museum, if they wish.  If the costumes, or any other items are available for loan to conventions, for sale, or displayed permanently - we would be happy to include this information. If you are willing to be contacted about your items, please state the email address you prefer to use.
All pictures and info are cataloged and displayed in the B&B Treasure Chambers Museum -

All pictures and information are received in confidence and will be confirmed.

For more information, or to send information, please contact and please put 'museum project' in the subject line. 

Many thanks,


B&B Museum Project