What is the Script and Transcription Project?
A number of fans are already working on a project to post examples of all scripts versions which can be found for each Beauty and the Beast episode, transcripts of each episode as broadcast in English, plus information pertaining to each episode (literary references, cast lists, materials from designers pertinent to a particular episode, scans of fan-owned costumes worn in the particular episode, etc.). The website to view this work is

Why post multiple versions of scripts?
We think it's fascinating to see how scripts evolved from the writer's first conception to the shooting script. As an example, look at the opening and closing scenes of The Watcher in the original script. When you look at a script, you will note various dates – the last date is the date of the script version you are holding. Others may own differently dated versions of the "same" script. Ideally, we’d like to scan all versions so fans can see the incremental changes leading to the final version.

Why post both scripts and actual transcripts of broadcast episodes?
Transcripts serve as a handy reference point for fanfic writers looking for actual dialogue or scene movement, can aid fans who only have dubbed versions of episodes (translations weren't exact), or whose native language is not English, as a guide for those who don't have access to any episode videos, or as a "quick fix" when you can't get to your TV!

How can other fans help?
In lots of ways! We need volunteers to scan scripts, to edit scanned scripts as needed, to watch and transcribe episodes, and to edit transcriptions. If you have episode-specific memorabilia (costumes, director’s notes, designer drafts of costumes or sets, or any other information about each episode to make our final product more accurate), we'd love to have a photo or a scan or other documentation of it. We also need...more scripts! Please go to the website listed above to see a list of the scripts we have collected (note the dates especially). If you have scripts not on this list (episodes or a different version of an episode than is on the list), would you be willing to scan them for us or lend them to us so that we might scan them? We would appreciate your help either way.

How can I help?
Contact (batbforever(at) if you have scripts or other items to share or to volunteer.