The Sunday Episode Chats


The Sunday Classic Episode Chat meets on Skype at 4pm Eastern time (US).   Each week we watch a different Classic episode in production order.  

We don't do a video chat, so don't worry what your hair looks like! We usually do some voice chatting before the episode, so a microphone and speakers are handy, but not essential. Once we're all caught up on each other's week, we all load our DVDs and cue up the episode. Someone counts down to zero and everyone hits play at the same time so that we're all watching it together. While the episode is playing, we chat by typing until it's over. Usually we voice chat some more afterwards, and then usually watch another episode (or three). Some people stay for all the episodes and linger well into the night, others come in and out as schedules permit. We'd love to have you join us for any or all of our Sunday chats!

If you don't have skype, you can download it for free at .  Create an account for yourself and then send your skype contact name to LauraG at, LindaS at, and Cyndi at so that they can add you to the conversation. Then all you need to do is just sign on to Skype around 4pm EST on Sunday and make yourself at home. We hope to see you there!


(Thank you to Laura G. for providing these instructions!)