Episode One – Once Upon a Time in City of New York


“I’ve never regretted what I am…until now.”




Wealthy socialite Catherine Chandler works for her father’s firm as a corporate attorney in NYC.  Leaving a party unescorted, she is mistaken for someone else.  She is shoved into a van where her face is slashed as a warning to keep her mouth shut.  Dumped in Central Park she is found by Vincent, a man-beast, who takes her to his home in the forgotten tunnels beneath the city streets.  During her 10 days of recovery, Vincent discovers that he has developed an empathic bond with her.  He returns her to the world above where Catherine immediately changes her life.  She repairs the damage to her face, takes self-defense classes and quits her father’s firm to work as an investigator at the DA’s office.  Eight months later she is looking into her own assault. Nearing the end of the investigation, she is again threatened and attacked.  Vincent, feeling her fear through the bond, arrives just in time to save her.  They realize that they are now a part of each other but each must return to their own worlds.