Episode Two – Terrible Savior


“They’ll never know if he’s dead or gone, or just waiting

down there until he’s needed again…like King Arthur.”

~ Catherine~



The DA’s office is investigating a “subway slasher,” a caped and masked vigilante clawing to death those who prey on the weak and helpless.  Catherine fears it may be Vincent and confronts him. He denies it and is deeply saddened that Catherine doesn’t trust him.  Further investigation leads her to Jason Walker, a martial arts expert and leader of a “protectors” group. Jason tells her of an urban legend that comes to the aid of those in need. Subsequently Jason learns of Vincent, has Catherine kidnapped and brought below to his hide-a-way.  There he appears in costume and threatens her.  Vincent dashes to the rescue. In his confrontation with Jason, they end up on the bridge across the abyss.  Jason passes up on a chance to kill Vincent, his urban legend in the flesh, and falls to his death while escaping.