Episode Five – Masques


“Vincent, we can’t waste it.”



Vincent and Catherine unknowingly both attend a Halloween Masked Ball given in honor of Bridget O’Donnell, an Irish author.  Bridget meets Vincent and they “connect.”  She convinces him to take her for a walk in the park.  Catherine spots Bridget leaving with a cloaked figure and follows them trailed by her dance partner who refuses to let her go alone.  In the park another man approaches Bridget with a gun and Vincent knocks him out.  When Catherine arrives with her escort, Vincent leaves.  Catherine’s partner says he is with Interpol but it is all a ruse.  He is an Irish terrorist out to kill Bridget’s father for revenge.  He kidnaps them all, kills the man from the park, and takes the women to an apartment where Bridget’s father lays dying.  Threats fly fast and furious but before anyone is killed, Vincent arrives and subdues the gunman.  Later Vincent and Catherine walk the streets and enjoy the city’s wonders until dawn forces Vincent to return Below.