Episode Eight Ė Song of Orpheus


ďItís good to be home.  Where is she?Ē




A cryptic message brings Father to the world Above where he is arrested for the murder of his old friend and lawyer, Allen Taft.  When he doesnít return, a worried Vincent contacts Catherine for help.  While Catherine discovers details of Fatherís former life, Vincent finds a letter from Fatherís ex-wife, Margaret.  Catherine finds Father in jail and convinces him to trust her.  She learns that a deathly ill Margaret is being controlled by a corrupt evangelist out to get her money.  He had killed Taft and is about to kill Catherine when Vincent rescues her.  The Taft murder is solved and Father is released.  Catherine tells Father that she loves Vincent and Father responds by saying it can only bring Vincent unhappiness. Jacob returns to the tunnels where Margaret is waiting for him.  They spend Margaretís last seven days together Below.