Episode Twelve – Shades of Grey


“I felt like I was losing the best part of myself...I would have done anything…

It wasn’t courage, Vincent, it was love.”




After rescuing Eric from the Maze, Father and Vincent are trapped in a cave-in.  Catherine, after taking a deposition from Elliot Burch, “feels” something is wrong with Vincent and quickly goes to the tunnels.  Falling through a trap, she ends up in Mouse’s chamber.  (Mouse has recently been punished with the Silence and is therefore unaware of the crisis.)  Mouse offers to help dig out Father and Vincent but the tunnel community refuses his help.  Catherine sides with Mouse and obtains from Elliot Burch the necessary items that Mouse needs.  In the end, the community comes together to rescue the trapped men.  Before Catherine returns Above she tells Vincent it wasn’t courage but love that drove her to save him.