Episode Fourteen The Alchemist


I have seen the demons Paracelsus has unleashed, felt them inside of me.




 A deadly new drug is on the streets and analysis shows it is grown underground. Catherine informs Father and Vincent of the findings and also mentions that the supplier only accepts gold coins in payment. Father seeks out John Pater, aka Paracelsus, a former tunnel leader banished many years ago. Paracelsus admits his involvement and threatens to reveal the secret of the tunnels if they interfere. Catherine loses a friend and fellow investigator who is stabbed by Paracelsus while trying to stop him. Vincent attempts to stop Paracelsus from going Above again but is exposed to the drug. He loses himself in its effects and only Catherine is able to calm him. When he recovers, he goes to confront Paracelsus. A struggle ensues and a fire is accidentally started. Vincent escapes the blaze but Paracelsus refuses to leave his gold and walks into the burning chamber.