Episode Fifteen - Temptation


“Until you came into my life, Vincent, I'd forgotten how it felt to know that there is someone
 thinking of me…Someone who knows who I am…Someone that I'm connected to.”



  A powerful firm wants Joe off their client’s case so they subtly introduce Joe to Erica, a very attractive member of their staff.  Erica tries to entice Joe away from the DA’s office with a job offer and when that fails, her employers plant drugs in Joe’s car to discredit him.  Catherine goes to see Erica and asks her to search her heart and do what is right if she ever had any feelings for Joe.  Later Erica calls Catherine to her office but as they try to leave the building, they are chased by gunmen.  Vincent arrives in time to save them and the truth clears Joe’s name.  Woven through this episode are scenes showing Vincent and Catherine preparing for the anniversary of the day they met and the ending sequence shows them exchanging the gifts of the crystal necklace and the ivory rose on a candle lit balcony.