Episode Sixteen – Promises of Someday

“Weird, isn't it? I've been to Casablanca, the Himalayas, Paris...
All over the world - everywhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La –

and I dream about a hole in the ground!”




A new attorney is working in the DA’s office and he seems to know about the tunnels.  His name is Devin, a former tunnel dweller who ran away as a child and has since traveled the world as a jack-of-all-trades.  Through flashbacks we learn of his friendship with Vincent and his tension filled relationship with Father.  Catherine discovers that Devin is not a lawyer and rather than jeopardize her case, wants him exposed.  But for Vincent’s sake she agrees to let Devin go if he will leave the law firm.  Meanwhile Vincent uncovers the underlying reason Father was always so hard on Devin.  He is Father’s biological son.  Catherine and Vincent manage to get Father and Devin together so the truth can finally be told and Devin produces a legal brief for Catherine which will put away a child molester for many years.