Episode Eighteen - Fever

“You give. I give…Have to go now…Help Father…He’s lost without Mouse.”



 Mouse discovers a buried ship full of treasure and presents Catherine with a priceless necklace.  The necklace attracts the attention of Jonathan Thorpe, an unscrupulous dealer in antiquities.  Below the community is arguing over what to do with the untold wealth.  Cullen ignores everyone, takes samples of the treasure Above and when he gets $10,000.00 for it, he is determined to sell more. He is so determined that he stabs Mouse who tries to make Cullen see reason.  Thorpe meets Cullen and forces him at gunpoint to take him to the source of the antiquities.  Cullen realized his mistake and when they reach the abyss, turns to fight.  Vincent arrives in time to save Cullen and Cullen in turn saves Vincent while sending Thorpe to his death in the Abyss.  The community agrees there is no place for the treasure in the tunnels.  It is left on the doorstep of St Regina’s Aid to the Homeless.