Episode Nineteen – Everything is Everything


“And ever since that day, O best beloved, all the elephants you will ever see,

besides all those that you won’t, have trunks precisely like the trunk

of the satiable elephant’s child.”  R. Kipling



A  young gypsy boy, Tony Ramos, first steals Catherine’s purse and then turns to her for help in exposing his uncle who framed Tony’s father for a crime resulting in his entire family being cast out of the gypsy community.  With Vincent’s help Tony is granted a hearing by his Grandfather the king of the gypsies. On the evening of the Kreesh, Tony is locked up in a shed by his uncle to prevent the boy from attending.  Catherine and Vincent set Tony free and while presenting his evidence, his uncle is exposed and cast out.  Tony is reinstated into the gypsy community and Vincent and Catherine return to the tunnels hand in hand.