Episode Twenty - To Reign in Hell


“I am not afraid.”



Paracelsus returns, kidnaps Catherine and brings her to his lair deep beneath the tunnels.  Vincent, unable to sense Catherine through their bond, sets off to find her accompanied by Winslow and Pascal.  Along the way, they are attacked by Erlik, one of Paracelsus’s “simple ones”.  He knocks downs Vincent and kills Winslow.  As he turns to Pascal, Jamie, who has been following them, drives Erlik off with her bow and arrow.  Vincent sends Pascal and Jamie home.  He then tracks Paracelsus to his chambers and demands he let Catherine go.  In response, Paracelsus lights the pyre surrounding Catherine and Vincent is forced to kill Erlik before he can save Catherine.  Paracelsus slips away during the chaos.  Later Vincent tells Catherine that he couldn’t feel her through their bond.  She admits to blocking it at her end so her fear would not draw him into danger.