Episode Twenty  One – Ozymandias

“This town made me what I am, Cathy…And now, I am going to give something back. “



 Elliot’s dream, Burch Tower, threatens not only Elizabeth’s painted tunnels but the whole tunnel world as it sinks its foundation deep into the earth.  All attempts to stop its construction fail.  A community group working to halt construction on the tower is investigated for accepting tainted money.  A desperate Mouse tries to sabatoge the construction site and is caught by Burch’s men.  Catherine learns of this and convinces Elliot that Mouse will not bother him again.  When Elliot proposes to Catherine, she ultimately seizes this opportunity to save Vincent and his world.  She will marry him if he will stop construction on the tower.  Elliot can’t let go of his dream, not even for Catherine.   All seems lost until Catherine realizes that Burch is the one who discredited the community’s efforts and this is enough for the D.A. office to halt construction.  Shelley’s Ozymandias, read by Vincent, closes this episode has Elliot sits alone in his office with his shattered dream projected on the wall behind him.