Episode Twenty Two – A Happy Life


“I want to show you everything!”



It’s the 20th anniversary of Catherine’s mother’s death and it hits her very hard.  Her mother wanted her to have a “happy life” and Catherine struggles with what that means for her.  She seeks professional help for her depression but finds the sessions frustrating because of the promise she made to Vincent and his world.  When attending a concert, she becomes very distraught and runs to Vincent, begging him to let her live Below. Feeling her pain and knowing their relationship is the cause, he tells her she must live her life Above.  He says their dream is over and he turns her away.  Catherine goes to visit Nancy Tucker, an old friend and there sees the life that could be hers but a dream in which Vincent is walking away from her jerks her awake.  She and Nancy have a late night conversation and Nancy tells Catherine she must follow her heart.  The ending finds Catherine and Vincent rushing to meet each other at park tunnel entrance where Catherine declares to Vincent that what they have is worth everything and they seal their relationship with a “kiss.”