Episode Twenty Three – Chamber Music


“Joe, I hesitate to ask but I’m dying to know.

What do you think I need? Tell me?”



 Vincent and Catherine are enjoying a concert below the band shell when it begins to rain.  Catherine revels in the unexpected shower but their evening is over and Vincent walks Catherine back to her threshold. He leaves to wander the streets Above where he recognizes a derelict as Rolley, a promising musical prodigy brought to live in the tunnels as a child.  Rolley also recognizes Vincent and escapes into a men’s shelter to avoid him.  Vincent enlists Catherine’s help to set up a meeting between him and Rolley.  Finally face to face on a dark rooftop, Vincent learns of the tragic circumstances which caused Rolley to run away.  Vincent begs the young man to come back to the tunnels and play the piano again but Rolley refuses.  The guilt is too great and he leaves a broken hearted Vincent alone on the rooftop with only Catherine to comfort him.