Episode Twenty Four – Remember Love


“Vincent, don’t you know? You could never lose me.  We could never

lose each other…as long as we remember…love.”




Catherine wishes to take Vincent on a trip to Connecticut to share a special place with him.  While Catherine goes off to prepare, Vincent informs Father who strictly forbids it.  Others also express their unease with the thought of Vincent leaving on such a journey.  When Catherine returns, Vincent tells her that he can not go and risk all that they now share.  After a disappointed Catherine leaves, Vincent returns to his room.  Angry at not being able to fulfill one wish of Catherine’s, he smashes the stained glass window and falls unconscious to the ground.  He experiences a “Wonderful Life” dream in which he sees how his absence in the world would negatively affect those he loves.  He awakes from the nightmare and finds Catherine at his side. She gently admonishes him to “remember love.”