Episode Twenty Five – Ashes, Ashes


“One either moves toward love or away from it, Catherine.

There is no other direction.”



Vincent rescues a drowning Russian sailor coming to America to find his lost love.  Vincent brings him Below to recover his strength unaware that Dimitri is seriously ill.  Catherine is asked by Vincent to help him reunite the two lovers.  Below, Dimitri’s condition worsens and when he dies, never knowing his love had married someone else, Father discovers he had pneumonic plague, which has spread through the tunnel community.  Catherine is sent to pick up needed medicines from a helper, Peter Alcott, and old family friend and Catherine’s doctor.  Catherine stays Below to help nurse the sick and Ellie (A Children’s Story) dies in her arms.  Eric, Ellie’s younger brother is inconsolable but Father finds a beautiful way for Eric and the others to send their final good-byes to Ellie in heaven.