Episode Twenty Six – Dead of Winter


“Do you dance?”



 Paracelsus, seeking revenge against Father for his expulsion from the tunnels, kills Lou so he can attend Winterfest as the barber.  On his way back from his grisly errand, he encounters Narcissa on the Spiral Staircase.  After she recognizes him as the “evil one,” he sets her clothes on fire and she falls from the steps. At Winterfest Paracelsus, now impersonating Lou, substitutes Father’s rose chess box with an identical one set to explode upon opening.  Pascal, ever vigilant of his pipes, leaves the festivities and hears Narcissa’s call for help.  Using Narcissa’s warnings of the “evil one” and the “poison rose” Vincent and Catherine uncover the plot and expose Paracelsus.  He manages to escape once again.  Catherine and Vincent share a waltz after Winterfest is over, dancing to the music in their hearts.