Episode Twenty Seven – God Bless the Child


“Sometimes, if you let your mind go, you can accept things

you wouldn’t believe possible.”




 Working on a crisis hotline over the Christmas season, Catherine meets a young pregnant prostitute, Lena.  Fearing for the safety of Lena and her unborn child, Catherine sponsors her to become a tunnel member.  Below Lena is intrigued by Vincent, someone everyone talks about yet she has never met.  Finally she encounters him at the Falls and she immediately accepts him.  She falls in love with Vincent and mistaking his friendship for something more, offers herself to him after the baby is born.  Vincent gently refuses her and Lena returns Above, leaving her daughter behind.  Catherine tracks her down and convinces her to return to the tunnels and her baby.  At the Naming Ceremony, Catherine is delighted when Lena names her child, Catherine.