Episode Twenty Eight – Sticks and Stones


“It is late.  Yet, I cannot sleep. I am thinking of Laura.”


Laura is having difficulty fitting in Above and becomes involved with a “fringe” deaf gang.  The D.A.’s office is investigating the group for a series of robberies and their leader, Lincoln, for murder and they plant an undercover cop, Jerry, within the gang.  Laura falls in love with him and against police regulations, he with her.  Jerry’s cover is blown when Lincoln sees him making a phone call to the D.A.s office.  Taking him back to their headquarters, the members vote to kill him by stoning.  Laura manages to get a message off to Vincent and then returns and tries to save Jerry by shielding him with her own body.  As police sirens wail in the distance, Vincent arrives and in the chaos, kills Lincoln before he can deliver a killing strike against Jerry.  Immediately after this, the police arrive and arrest the remaining gang members.  Laura decides to remain Above with Jerry.