Episode Twenty Nine – A Fair and Perfect Knight


“ Don't be afraid to want it, even only for yourself. Don't be afraid to deserve it.

You deserve everything!


 Michael, rejected by his father as a young child and brought to the tunnels, is returning Above to attend college.  Until he gets settled, he moves in with Catherine and it isn’t too long before he begins to fall in love with her.  While Above he decides he would like to heal the relationship with his father.  He and Catherine go to a college orientation night and Michael recognizes his father.  He tries to talk with him but his father will have nothing to do with him.  Hurt, Michael turns to Catherine and kisses her.  Realizing he as betrayed Vincent, he runs away.  Below Vincent is trying to deal with the envy and jealousy he is feeling and cannot bring himself to help Michael in his pain.  Catherine comes to Vincent and convinces him that what he is feeling is natural and that he has a right to want a life shared with her.  Vincent is able to go to Michael and comfort him.  Later that night on Catherine’s balcony, he reaches out to her and gently draws her to his side.