Episode Thirty Two – A Gentle Rain

 “Mmm...Just in that wonderful place in between.”


Above to buy supplies, Kanin is recognized by the mother of a boy he killed while driving drunk twenty years ago.  Since the night he jumped bail and found his way Below, he has been a model tunnel member.  Mrs. Davis re-opens the investigation and Kanin’s file ends up on Catherine’s desk.  Shocked, Catherine meets with him and asks Kanin what he plans to do.  She then talks with Vincent and explains her troubling dilemma.  Below, Kanin and his family prepare to leave the hub and find somewhere to live in the outer tunnels but Vincent convinces him that he must help this woman find peace.  When Kanin and Mrs. Davis finally met face to face, the healing begins for both of them.  Later that night on Catherine’s balcony Vincent and Catherine share a quiet evening in that wonderful place “in between.”