Episode Thirty Three – The Outsiders


“Fate had left me adrift, with no wind to carry me to the safe shores of her love.”




A group of savage strangers invade the tunnels, violently rejecting offers of help and then killing members of the tunnel community.  As the vagrants move closer to the hub, the tunnel children are sent to the surface while the rest of the community withdraws to the Great Hall.  When the group of children Catherine was to escort to the surface do not show up, Catherine enters the tunnels only to be trapped and attacked by the outsiders.  Vincent feels her fear and rushes to save her, violently killing all the attackers.  Later, Catherine tries to console Vincent by saying he only did what was necessary.  He rejects her comfort and asks her to leave.  She tells Vincent that she loves him and then departs, leaving Vincent to confront his inner demons alone.