Episode Thirty Five - Arabesque





A note delivered to Vincent from Ballerina Lisa Campbell, a former tunnel dweller, releases a flood of memories in Vincent.  She was his first love and he has never forgiven himself for an incident, which resulted in Lisa leaving the tunnels.  Now she is back, seeking sanctuary from her husband and his criminal organization, which is under investigation for illegal arms smuggling.  Vincent tries to talk to Lisa about the past and his guilt but she brushes his concerns aside.  Above Catherine, having been seen with Lisa earlier at the ballet, is kidnapped and assaulted by Colin, a member of the organization, and his thug.  Vincent crashes through the ceiling and kills the thug, while Catherine manages to shoot Colin.  Recovering in Vincent’s chamber, Catherine confronts Lisa with her shallow life and convinces her to testify against her husband.  Later, Vincent speaks to Catherine of his guilt and shame; how he was physically attracted to Lisa and how that resulted in him hurting her.