Episode Thirty Six – When the Bluebird Sings


“…of things that are lovely and that never happened,

of things that are not and that should be.” Oscar Wilde




Catherine encounters an artist, Kristopher Gentian, in a bookshop. Later that evening, after Kristopher catches a glimpse of Vincent with Catherine, he convinces her to join him at a café where he sketches her and tells her of his paintings.  After Catherine relates her strange meeting to Joe, he runs a check on Gentian and finds out that he died nearly two years ago. Meanwhile Below, Vincent experiences a strange dream and feels like he is being watched.  Catherine, determined to solve the mystery, discovers where Kristopher’s work is being stored.  She arrives at the locked warehouse and magically the lock opens.  Inside she finds Vincent waiting for her.  Kristopher arrives, shows them where his work is, and then simply seems to vanish.  Catherine sets up a showing of Gentian’s art and it is a great success.  Leaving after the show, she is handed a piece of wrapped artwork.  In Vincent’s chamber they unwrap it to discover a beautiful portrait of themselves done in oils, which are completely dry.  Vincent suggests Kristopher must have been a ghost but Catherine refuses to accept the possibility.