Episode Thirty Seven – The Watcher


“This balcony is our window…our vantage point. And…perhaps, Catherine…

someone behind one of those lights is watching…and smiling on us.”




Vincent arrives on Catherine’s balcony to celebrate the second anniversary of their meeting.  Suddenly the phone rings.  It is a man who tells Catherine he can see her and “him.”  Afraid for Vincent, Catherine begs him to stay away until she can solve this situation.  The watcher harasses her with phone calls and breaks into her apartment, stealing several of her possessions.  One night, she decides to go and see Vincent.  Impatient for the elevator she takes the stairs and is surprised by the watcher.  He grabs her, subdues her with ether and puts her in his car.  Driving her to a lake, he places Catherine in the truck and then rolls the car into the water.  Vincent, rushing to Catherine’s aid, suddenly loses all sense of her.  Right then, the watcher tells him he is too late.  Vincent kills him and then jumps onto the car, rips off the truck lid and revives Catherine.  Later that night they celebrate their anniversary on a candle lit balcony.