Episode Forty – A Kingdom by the Sea


“Catherine, are you hurt?”



A knock on Catherine’s door interrupts an intimate moment on the balcony between Catherine and Vincent.  It is the CIA looking for Elliot Burch.  Elliot contacts Catherine and tells her that there is a death squad, the Gourinistas, out to kill him.  They have already attempted to kill his father, Stanley Kasmareck, and he needs her help to get his father out of the hospital and to safety.  With Vincent’s help, Catherine manages to smuggle Stanley out of the hospital and bring him to a rendezvous point with Elliot.  Elliot puts his father on a helicopter but right after takeoff, it explodes, killing everyone on board.  Gunmen attack Elliot and Catherine but they manage to escape into the tunnels while Vincent is forced to kill two of the hit men.  Catherine leads Elliot through the tunnels to the park entrance telling him he must forget everything he as seen and heard.  Elliot asks Catherine to reconsider a relationship with him but she refuses.  Below, Catherine tells Vincent, who had felt her being kissed by Elliot, that when she responded to the kiss, she had wished it had been him.