Episode Forty One – The Hollow Men

 “When they come looking for the darkness, they will find me.”




Vincent witnesses a cold-blooded murder of a young girl, Tracy, in Central Park.  Shocked at what he has seen, he goes to Catherine and describes in detail the killing.  Following a few leads, she is able to identify the two perpetrators, two young men from very wealthy families.  She is able to bring them before a Grand Jury but she doesn’t have enough hard evidence to bring them to justice.  Catherine is warned off the case but Vincent continues to shadow and threaten them every time they attempt another killing.  Believing that Catherine has hired Vincent, they lure her to an abandoned theater with the promise of new evidence in the Tracy murder.  When she arrives, they capture her but before they can kill her, Vincent drops from the balcony and violently dispatches them, even after being shot in the shoulder.  Outside Catherine tries to comfort Vincent but he is inconsolable, moaning, “Nothing but madness.  Nothing but blood. When will it stop?”