Episode Forty Two – What Rough Beast

“Am I a man?”




A shadowed informer, who sounds like Elliot Burch, contacts a news hound, Ernie Spirko, and promises him a great story surrounding the history of killings associated with Catherine Chandler.  Spirko contacts Catherine with his gathered evidence but she denies his allegations.  Looking into Spirko’s history, she links him to Elliot Burch.  After confronting Burch in his office, he tells Catherine he is not involved and when she leaves Burch begins his own investigation.  Meeting again with his mysterious informant, Spirko is told where to go to get his photos and his story.  Catherine is kidnapped and brought below her building into the tunnels.  When she is threatened with further violence, Vincent rushes in and quickly kills her assailants while Spirko captures it all on film.  Unable to bring himself to kill Spirko, Vincent retreats while Catherine’s pleas fall on deaf ears.  Spirko leaves.  Vincent tells Catherine he will go deep into the tunnels and never be found.  Spirko confronts his informer, thinking it is Burch but discovers it is Paracelsus.  Paracelsus kills Spirko after telling him all about Vincent and his plans for his “son”.  Below Vincent sits in his chamber, fighting the growing darkness within him.