Episode Forty Three – Ceremony of Innocence 

“This is something I must face alone.”



Catherine and Vincent, both suffering in their own nightmares, await the publication of Spirko’s story.  Days pass and nothing appears in the newspapers.  At work, Catherine finds out the Spirko has been found dead from a knife wound.  Elliot continues his investigation into Spirko. Below, Father receives an envelope from Paracelsus containing the photos of Vincent taken by Spirko with a note to come to 666 Sutton Place.  He goes, planning to kill Paracelsus, but discovers he cannot pull the trigger. Father apparently returns to the tunnels and tells Vincent and Catherine about Anna, Vincent’s mother.  Vincent goes to her tomb and discovers her last name was Pater.  He returns from the catacombs and Father tells Vincent the “truth” about his birth and Vincent, finding Catherine waiting for him in his chamber, orders her to leave him because it is not safe to love him.  Catherine, realizing that Elliot wasn’t involved with Spirko, turns to him for help.  They go to 666 Sutton and discover  Father bound and gagged behind a hidden panel.  On the way Below, Father tells Catherine the real truth behind Vincent’s beginnings in the tunnels.  Father and Catherine arrive at Father’s chamber just in time to see Vincent, goaded beyond his sanity by Paracelsus in his disguise as Father, eviscerate him.  Paracelsus pulls off his mask and before he dies tells Vincent, “At last you are my son.”  Catherine tries to tell Vincent that it’s over but he whispers, “No, it’s not over,” and stares unseeingly into space.