Episode Forty Four – The Rest is Silence




Vincent’s health and emotional balance continues to deteriorate.  He awakes in the park in broad daylight has no memory of how he got there.  He becomes extremely agitated listening to a concert with Catherine and leaves before the performance is finished.  Catherine goes to Father and asks what is wrong with Vincent and learns that he suffered from a similar illness when he was much younger and almost died.  Meanwhile Vincent is ransacking his chamber looking for a quote, which he must share with Catherine. Not realizing she is still Below, he goes to her balcony and calls for her.  When she doesn’t’ answer, he crashes through the balcony doors and collapses to the floor.  Returning home Catherine finds him unconscious and for the next three days cares for him until he is well enough to return home.  Before he leaves, he tells her that no matter what happens, he loves her.  Below he continues to lose the struggle with his dark side and asks Father to bring Catherine.  While he is gone, Vincent realizes that he can no longer protect those he loves from himself and tells his family goodbye and leaves.  When Catherine and Father return, they convince Mouse to take them to Vincent.  Arriving at a dark cavern, they hear Vincent’s roars of rage and agony.  Catherine, despite Father’s warnings, enters the black chamber.  As the roars intensify, from the darkness Catherine screams “Vincent” and the episode fades to black.