The New York City Sights of Beauty & the Beast

Originally compiled for the 2008 New Jersey Con. 
Special thanks to Rosemarie, Moira, and Elaine for creating the guide.



In an alley behind St. Vincent’s Hospital – West 12th Street & 7th Avenue – is where Vincent was found as a baby and taken to the Tunnels.


The Langham Building– exterior used as Catherine's apartment building in the Pilot episode only -- 135 Central Park West.


Location of the Astor Place Coffee Shop - The restaurant where Kristopher sketched Catherine is no longer at Astor Place -- but it used to be where the K-Mart is --- but it never had a downstairs section as portrayed in the episode. 


Chandler & Coolidge law firm - appears to be the second building north of St. Bartholomew's.  St. Bart's is on the east side of Park Ave between 50th & 51st -- which would put this building probably between 51st and 52nd.


DA's Office: One Hogan Place is the address but located at Centre & Leonard Streets – south east of the Criminal Courts Building


Criminal Courts Building - 100 Centre Street – south of Canal near Leonard St.


The Tombs -- where Catherine interviewed so many prisoners. The Tombs is the name people use for the Manhattan House of Detention.  “The current jail comprises two buildings connected by a pedestrian bridge--a 381 bed tower that is the remaining part of the 1941 building at 100 Centre Street (completely remodeled in 1983), and a 500-bed tower north of it, opened in 1990."  The formal name is now The Bernard B. Kerik Complex.”


Lower East Side/Broome Street – Catherine tells Father that this is where she and Vincent were when he was injured by the gang in No Way Down.


The Dakota Building - 73nd St & Central Park West - scene from pilot/opening credits in which Catherine crosses over the grate in the street.


Columbus Circle at 59th & Central Park West (Same as 8th Ave) This is the area that Vincent is looking at when he climbs to the rooftop to look out over the city.



In Central Park:


The Carousel plays a big part in the episode Promises of Someday (although in reality it was the Griffith Park Carousel that was used)

The band shell – Vincent and Catherine often listened to concerts in the park.

Belvedere Castleused as an establishing shot in at least one episode.

Our bench near the Delacorte Theater

Also in A Happy Life -- Catherine drove by Tavern on the Green when she returned to Vincent.



59th Street Bridge – from the last scene of Masques.  Also shots of  Rockefeller Center/ Prometheus Statue, St Patrick’s Cathedral and Lincoln Center in the same episode.  Also, the glass building with the wide steps from the montage is on 48th  Street  & Park Avenue.


Father exiting the subway in Song of Orpheus - 57th St & Fifth Avenue - The Hard Rock Café is nearby (221 West 57 Street)  This is also where Father and Margaret met. 


Grand Central Station – A reference to it in A Happy Life.  When Catherine leaves to go to Nancy's house, she gets into a cab and tells the cabbie, "Grand Central."  She'd have gotten onto a MetroNorth train there to go to Connecticut.  It would be nice to be able to go inside if there is time – the ceiling of the main room has constellations on it -- and it's been restored in the last few years.


Chinatown - there is a red Chinese-style building that is shown in China Moon as the Tong Headquarters – Canal & Centre Streets.


The main research branch of the Public Library is used as the establishing shot when Catherine and Vincent look at microfilm in Song of Orpheus. 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Michael talks about seeing Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” there in A Fair & Perfect Knight

The Museum of Natural History -- In A Happy Life – is the museum that held the concert from which Catherine fled.

A Distant Shore -- Queensboro Bridge is mentioned by the cabbie.


Establishing shots of Columbia University used in Nor Iron Bars a Cage and Dark Spirit also Catherine attended Columbia Law School


The Guardian Angels Headquarters – inspiration for Terrible Savior - at 717 Fifth Avenue Suite 401.



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