Vincent's Mermaid Tail

Robin Pixie Pass


"Yes Father?"

"There's a mermaid in the river pool cavern."

 "Father, did you say a"...

"You heard me Vincent. I saw a mermaid in the river pool."

"Yes,..Yes I heard you father, I just wasn't sure if you knew true."

" If you don't believe me, perhaps you should go see for yourself."

" Of course I believe you father, it's just a little hard to imagine that an actual mermaid may exist."

"Why is it so hard to believe Vincent? You're a miracle yourself."

"Yes, Father I am. I can't argue with you about that, so I'll just visit the river pool and have a look around." Chuckling,  Vincent could hear father mumbling under his breath. "If I said I saw a mermaid!!! then I saw a mermaid."

Arriving at the river pool cavern Vincent checked behind every rock and crevice. The water was smooth without any sign of a mermaid.

"Mermaid indeed!" Vincent thought and wondered if father may have fallen asleep and had dreamed about a mermaid. Coming to the conclusion that was indeed what had happened, Vincent turned to make his way back to the tunnels.

On second thought, he decided why not take a dip in the pool since he was already here and the crystal clear water looked so refreshing and inviting. After peeling off layer after layer he dove neatly into the water.

Finishing his swimming from bank to bank in several quick laps Vincent decided to relax before returning to Father's library to inform him of his findings. Leaning back against the bank and closing his eyes he allowed his senses to take over. He could feel a slight breeze upon his face and hear the trickling of the water as it flowed slowly down stream.  He could sense an agitation in the water and at the same time heard a great splash.

Suddenly opening his eyes and glancing in every direction Vincent saw the water as it bubbled and swirled around and around a few feet in front of him. Shocklingly an enormous, green sparkling tail emerged from out of the water so quickly, that Vincent wasn't sure whether he had actually seen it or not but once again the tail appeared and slapped the surface of the water and Vincent's doubt was erased. Not seeing anything but a green tail getting closer and closer, Vincent quickly decided the tail was too close to comfort. Turning around he reached for the bank to pull himself out.

Sensing he was being observed, Vincent glanced over his shoulder to see a perfect white face appear above the water surface. In his obvious disbelief and nakedness he slowly slid back into the water. The mermaid continued to emerge from the water until her entire upper body was revealed to him. She looked quite petite in appearance. Her eyes were a deep blue violet, her petal pink lips glistened with dew and her milky white hair flowed freely down to the tip of her tail. A shiny white pearl, the size of a marble hung around her neck. Her porcelain bare breasts bobbled and bounced above the water surface much to Vincent's appreciative eyes.

Absorbing her unique beauty, Vincent returned his attention to her face. She was smiling, not a sweet innocent smile, more like a very wise smile. She knew he was completely vulnerable and naked.

What a dilemma Vincent found himself in. She cautiously approached him closer and closer until they were face to face. Her tongue moved smoothly over her pretty pink lips and Vincent watched in amazement and fascination. Father was right he thought. There definitely was a mermaid.

She reached for Vincent's face pulling it closer to her own. Gently, Vincent resisted and pulled her hand away, while shaking his head in a negative movement. The pout on her face was priceless and Vincent knew her feelings had been hurt from his rejection. How could he make her understand that he belonged to someone else? Lifting his hand out of the water Vincent pointed to his gold wedding ring on his finger, but she didn't understand and looked merely puzzled.

All of the sudden a loud voice boomed across the cavern. The voice made no sound, but Vincent could hear it clearly in his mind." ZEPHYR! It's time for you to return home, your adventure has cost us our security and secrecy."

"I found him father and I want him" Zephyr demanded.

"You can't have him Zephyr he belongs to someone here above."

"But look at him father, he's different."

"He is very unique Zephyr but he would die in our world. He must remain here and now I insist that you return home immediately".

Zephyr, not to be denied kissed Vincent on the tip of his nose, she smiled once more then disappeared under the water.

Cautiously Vincent's attention was drawn back to the merman who had remained above, he was truly magnificent. The merman returned Vincent's gaze and smiled, shrugged his shoulders and communicated clearly to Vincent. "One day you will have two small females to contend with. I humbly ask that you keep my daughter and myself a secret."

Nodding is head, Vincent replied. " No one would believe me anyway."

The merman nodded his head in acknowledgement then dove into the water after his daughter.

Vincent could sense Catherine nearby. "Don't get out my love," she said. " I'm going to join you".

Vincent watched with anticipation as Catherine slowly started to remove her clothing and knowing that he was  watching, she provocatively took her time.

"Hurry Catherine" Vincent whispered. He reached for her and gently pulled her close, savoring the feeling of her clinging to him.

 "Love me, Vincent, " Catherine pleaded.

"Anything you want Catherine, you can have all that I am and all that is  mine to give." Impatiently, Vincent joined his body to Catherine's

.... Afterward, "WOW!" Catherine shouted. "What has gotten into you, my lov?."

Vincent gloating replied, "besides you Catherine?  you wouldn't believe me if I told you my sexie water selkie."

 Seven years later . . .

 "Vincent?" Catherine called.

"Yes my love," he replied to Catherine who was towing his two twin daughters by the hand into their chamber, he could sense she was very distressed.

" Vincent, the girls are telling fibs again."

Sighing, Vincent replied, "Catherine it's very difficult for me to believe that my children would be telling fibs."

"Vincent, they both insist that they've seen a mermaid at the river pool cavern this afternoon before taking  their swimming lessons. Now is that a fib or not?"

"Sweetheart leave me to deal with them" Vincent replied.

 "Fine!"  Catherine replied, " I'll just go and smooth Father's ruffled feathers."

"Catherine, what's troubling Father?"

" The girls were in Father's library searching for information and pictures on mermaids and they have totally scattered books everywhere. There is so much dust floating around you could choke a flea. It will take hours to clean everything up and to put the books back where they belong.  Discipline. "  Catherine retorted,  "They need discipline."

"Catherine, my love, I'll make the girls apologize to father. Would you please go and assist him for now and I'll talk to the girls?"   Waiting for Catherine to leave, Vincent pulled the girls upon his lap, hugging each in turn. "Now! " Vincent said, " I think it would be a good idea to keep the mermaid to ourselves."

"But daddy, Zephyr and I really saw a mermaid and she was real pretty." Ariel exclaimed.

" I know you saw her Ariel, but let's just keep it between us Vincent requested."

 "You believe us daddy?" asked Zephyr.

 "Yes I believe you, now let's talk about Grandfather's library."

" It was Ariel's fault daddy".

" NO, it wasn't, it was Zephyr's idea to see if we could find mermaid pictures in Grandfather's books."

"That's enough girls", Vincent replied. " From now on Grandfather's library is off limits to you
 unless you're accompanied by an adult. Is that understood?"

" Yes," daddy the girls replied in unison.

"Now, you go to apologize to your Grandfather and then to class to study. I will see you two later."

The girls took off running like to gazelles. They looked so much like him and he loved them so much.  Thinking back Vincent realized that the merman's prediction came true. Vincent chuckling to himself and shaking his head, bemused that indeed  he did have two small females to contend with and then he wondered how the merman knew that he would .Vincent stood and headed in the direction of the river pool cavern, perhaps today after seven years he could get his mystery question answered.

 The end or next....