A CABB Choose Your Own Pathway Story
What is a "Choose Your Own Pathway Story"?  First, you read the section below, then choose one of the endings below.  If you want to send in your own ending, we'll add that too. 


Part 1 ~ by Rosemarie Hauer

Catherine sat up in bed, gasping for breath. Her heart beat rapidly in the  aftermath of her nightmare and she realized she was crying.

"Vincent," she whispered desperately, trying to hang on to the last shreds of  the nightmare as if she could alter the chain of events in the dream that had  taken him from her. Her shoulders slumped and she buried her face in her  hands, heedless of the sobs that shook her body.

A sound from the terrace made her raise her head abruptly.  Dream  forgotten, she rolled over and retrieved her gun from the top drawer in her nightstand.

She tiptoed across the room and opened the French doors. Catherine scanned the terrace, but there was nothing out of the ordinary,  nothing but ...a slight movement in the shadows.

"Who's there?" she demanded, relieved that her voice sounded more secure than  she felt.

"Vincent," came the soft reply.

Catherine thought her heart would stop at the sound of his voice. Without  thinking twice she moved toward him, glad when he stepped from the shadows to  meet her halfway.

"Are you all right?" he asked solicitously.

She smiled. "Now I am."

He looked at her for a long while. "I... I know I shouldn't have come,  Catherine, but..."

"I'm glad you're here, Vincent," she interrupted.

"There are so many things  I've been wanting to tell you."

A slight smile curved his mouth. "I know.  Catherine, there are things I must  tell you, too,...things about me...about..."

Quickly she covered his lips with her fingers. "I just had a dream, Vincent.  A horrible dream."

He clasped her hand in his and lowered it gently to rest against his chest.  "About me," he said tonelessly. "I know. I felt your terror."

Catherine shook her head. "What do you mean?"

He released her hand and looked out over the city.

"This is difficult," he  began, returning his gaze to hers.

"Tell me," she prompted, reaching for his hand once again. Grateful that he  accepted her touch, she squeezed his fingers gently.

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