By Katrina Relf

An Excerpt from Vincent’s Journal

You remembered, Catherine. You remembered that wondrous night – the night my life changed forever. The night I found you.

Tonight your balcony was ablaze with light – dancing light – just as my life has been since the moment you became a part of it – a part of me. You brought me hope, you brought me love. You gave me a life I had never known – a life that I had never dared to dream could be mine.

This past week has been like no other. I travelled to the Crystal Cavern. A miraculous place – a place I wasn’t even sure existed until I saw it with my own eyes. If only I could have shared it with you, Catherine. It must be one of the most incredible places on earth. Crystals shimmering in the light of my torch like so many stars in the night sky. I brought a piece of it – a piece of eternity – back to the Tunnels with me – for Mouse to shape into something beautiful to be worn around your neck. But, Catherine, mine wasn’t the only gift exchanged tonight. You gave me a part of you – a gift given to you by your Mother – a beautiful rose that I will wear – that I will cherish – forever.

Tonight will be one of the most treasured memories of my life. I wished for it to never end. We held each other, clung to each other, so closely under the black velvet of an April sky. A sky filled with twinkling stars, shining down upon us, as though giving us their blessing. How could I have known, a year ago, that a night that began so brutally, so tragically, would become the most blessed, the most unforgettable night of my life?

So much has happened since then – so much joy, so much pain, Catherine, and I am sure that we still have much to endure. But no matter what the future holds for us, the crystal and the rose will forever be with us, and forever bind our hearts – and lives – together.

Catherine – my love, my life.