Patricia Rogers

Catherine and Vincent had been lovers for several months, and although theyíd shared some searing, toe-curling kisses, they still hadnít taken the final step. And Catherine had decided that it was way past time. So she devised a battle plan, and put it into operation one evening while they were spending some time together in Vincentís chamber. They had been reading to one another, but now they were just simply enjoying each otherís company. Vincent was stretched out on his bed, and Catherine was curled up in his large armchair.


"Yes, Catherine."

"Would you like to play a game?"

"What sort of game?" he asked.

"Itís called the "What If?" game, she replied.

"I donít believe Iíve heard of that."

"Oh, itís easy," she told him.

"Then you must explain it to me."

"Right. The first person asks a question, beginning with "what if," and the second person has to answer it."

"Can you give me an example, please," he asked her.

"Ok. What if any wish that you made could come true?"

"Thatís easy," he told her, "Iíd wish that there would be no more hunger, or poverty in the World."

"Oh Vincent, thatís a wonderful answer. I thought that you might have wished to be like other men."

"Why should I, Iím content to be as I am, as long as I have your love."

"Thank you for that, but letís not get too serious. This is supposed to be a fun game. Now itís your turn."

So entering into the spirit of the game, he asked her,

"What if there was no more paper money?"

"Everyone would be walking round with very heavy pockets, and purses," she said with a giggle.

"Good answer, Catherine."


This went on for quite a while, with each of them coming up with more outrageous "what ifís, and then Catherine launched her attack.

"What if I came and laid beside you?" she asked, while mentally crossing her fingers.

He didnít answer her at first, and she thought that sheíd gone too far, and he would ask her to leave, when he suddenly said,

"I think that would be alright."

She didnít know how quickly to join him, and when she was laid beside him he asked,

"What if we were to lie closer together?"

"I think that would be very nice," she replied, hardly able to believe that she was actually on his bed, beside him.

"Your turn," he reminded her.

Wriggling further up the bed, so that her head was level with his, she asked him,

"What if I was to do this?" and she kissed his nose.

"I think that that is quite acceptable," he replied, and then he asked, "Now, what if I was to do this? he asked, and he captured her mouth with his, deepening the kiss with every passing second. And when her tongue found, and went into the cleft in his top lip, he literally purred with pleasure.


When, finally, they had to surface for air, neither of them was capable of speech for a few minutes. And then when Catherine was able to speak again, she asked, while mentally crossing her fingers again,

"What if I was to do this?" and she laid her hand on the bulge at the front of his trousers.

Vincent tensed, and she was afraid that she had overstepped his boundaries, but he made no attempt to remove her hand, and then he said raggedly,

"I think you might be playing with fire, my love. Are you prepared to get burned?"

Catherine could hardly believe her ears.

"Totally," she managed to say.

And then "what if" was completely forgotten, as within moments they were both naked, and they gazed at each other with awe.

"Catherine Ö"

"Vincent Ö"

Neither could believe that they had finally reached this point.


And then they proceeded to pleasure each other very thoroughly, until Ö

"Catherine Ö" he managed to say.

"Yes, Vincent."

"Just one more "what if."

"Whatís that, my love."

"What if Ö?"

And he entered her with one powerful thrust, and made her his completely.

Much later, when they had recovered, and were lying quietly, arms and legs entwined,

"Catherine Ö," he murmured.

"Mmm hmm."

"Catherine Ö" more insistently.

Something in his tone of voice alerted her, and she tilted her head and looked at him. And couldnít fail to see the desire, and mischief, in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Yes, lover," she whispered.

He treated her to one of his rare and wonderful smiles.

"What if Ö?"

The End.