Part One

Father sat looking over plans for the new chambers the council had recommended. He had given over his duties to Vincent a few years back and retired… at least that is what he told everyone.

Vincent out of love, respect and the knowledge of what his world meant to Father always asked him to review the suggested changes. This kept Father’s mind alert and made him feel still a useful part of the wonderful world he had created so long ago.

"Grandfather, am I disturbing you?" Young Jacob bounded into his grandfather’s chamber with his usual abundance of energy.

"No…no my boy, come in, give your old grandfather a hug."

The boy hugged his grandfather and kissed him on the cheek, much as his father always did when greeting his Father.

"Well my boy what have you been up too…and why aren’t you in school today?" he quizzed with a raised eyebrow.

"It’s a snow day today, no school, too much snow for traveling back and forth, but not for playing in I hope. Mom is at work and Dad brought the rest of us down for the day.

For a moment Father sat back and smiled; remembering this reality was something he never could have imagined for his special son. When Vincent brought a broken Catherine to him to heal, lives were changed forever…all of their lives.

"What are you thinking about Grandfather, you have such a funny…no, happy look on your face?"

"Just remembering my boy…just remembering."

"It must be a good memory, ‘cause you’re smile is really big."

"I was thinking of the first image I had of your Mother. I know your parents have told you how they met, perhaps not in detail, but you know she was injured. How one human being can harm another like that was beyond my comprehension, but none the less she was badly hurt. I was angry at your father for bringing her down here to where we lived, but he would have none of it, she needed help quickly. Your father is the kindest, gentlest soul of any one I have ever known, but with the fiercest determination when someone needs his help. If he hadn’t broken the rule, or if he hadn’t found her at all, I would not have you or your brothers and sister. That is why I am smiling; I have been blessed many times over, Jacob."

Vincent was leaning against the entrance of Father’s chamber and listening to the two of them and smiling to himself. He never dreamt of giving his Father a grandchild to dote over, much less four of them. He had expected to be alone…always. Father was correct he thought; Catherine’s presence in their lives changed everything.

Seeing Jacob and Father together warmed his heart, the two loved sitting and talking on a variety of topics. Father learned as much from his grandson as the boy did from him. Jacob, twelve now and wise beyond his years is some ways, had an insatiable curiosity. Father was more than happy to give of his knowledge and experiences to feed the boy’s thirst for anything and everything.

One of Father’s most treasured images was seeing Vincent holding his son for the first time after his birth, looking into what seemed his own eyes, for the boy had his father’s bright blue eyes. He had told Father his Bond had started forming while the child was still in the womb, but after he was born it was much stronger. Not like his Bond with Catherine, his Bond with his son was one inimitably its own.

"Hi Dad, I didn’t hear you come in."

"Jacob, one never hears you father come in, he’s just there. That’s something no one else seems to be able to do, especially the younger members of our world! Good thing my hearing isn’t what it used to be, it gets quite noisy in these tunnels at times."

"Father, you need to visit our home above, tunnel noise is nothing compared to an evening in the brownstone just before the children’s bed times"… Vincent smiled and rolled his eyes as he shook his head.



Part Two

Catherine looked at her desk piled high with files, more in her in bin than in her out bin, and sighed. She wished she was home with her children and husband.

Even though she now only worked part time for Joe, she missed the constant activity of her family life. Since she had been an only child, she loved watching and getting caught up in the interaction of her busy family. Images of daily happenings started drifting through her mind, causing her to smile. Like the ever patient Vincent and their kitchen covered with flour after Jenny and Joey had found the canister within their reach. As he had knelt down to tie Charles shoelace, they both reached for it, only to knock it over and on to their father and the floor. What a mess, but he took it in stride, "part of fatherhood" he told her. Then there was the time…

"Hey Radcliffe, a little more work and less day dreaming would clear your desk much faster don’t you think?" Joe knew that look, she was daydreaming about her family and he loved teasing her every chance he got.

"Well if the criminal element in this city would behave itself more, I could be home more and not buried in prosecuting their antics now would I?"

Joe, laughed and walked away happy that she worked at all. She didn’t need to financially; it was just her way to balance her and Vincent’s life together. He knew how important it was to Vincent that she not give up her world totally.

He recalled his first image of Vincent. Cathy had been on leave for a few weeks, she had told him a friend was ill and she needed to be there with him and for him. Upon her return to work, she told Joe her friend was recovering and that she loved him very much. Of course Joe had always held out hope for a chance with Cathy, but thought she had someone special, now he knew for sure she did.

"I’m glad your friend is doing better and hey Radcliffe, if he makes you happy then hang on to him…real tight!"

"Joe… his name is Vincent and he would like to meet you and thank you."

"Thank me…thank me for what, working you too much and too hard?"

"No, to thank you for being my friend and thank you for giving me the time I needed to be with him."

"Look Cathy, he doesn’t owe me anything…but I am curious about this guy of yours. I want to be sure he’s good enough for you."

"Always playing the big brother…huh Joe? Come to my apartment for dinner tomorrow night and you’ll meet him. Just so you know Joe, he’s not like any one you have met before. He’s a different…he’s…, well you’ll see for yourself. He’s the most gentle and kind human being you’ll ever meet and I love him more than anything else in the world. This must remain between us Joe and after you meet him you’ll understand why, his safety depends on it."

"Ok Cathy, I’ll be there, out of curiosity if nothing else."

The following evening Vincent paced back and forth on the balcony waiting for Joe’s arrival. He was uncomfortable; always meeting someone for the first time created tension…how would Joe accept him? This was for Catherine; he must do this, and in his mind he thought it would give her someone Above to confide in. Their Bond was flooded with hope and uncertainty, but mostly love and courage.

Joe took a deep breath and knocked at her door. Not sure what to expect he thought, what the hell; Cathy loves this guy, so how bad could he be?

She opened the door, a nervous smile on her face, and asked him in.

Vincent had come in from the balcony, closed the French doors and stood back in the shadow of the corner. He had removed his cloak so he wouldn’t seem so imposing coming out of the shadows.

Candles were lit everywhere. Joe looked around and didn’t see anyone else in the room, the candlelight created many illusions and depth in the shadows

"Joe, come in please, I’m glad you came tonight, it’s important to me…and to Vincent."

"Well I’m here Cathy, where is he…am I early?"

"I’m here and happy to finally meet you; I have many things to thank you for Mr. Maxwell," a voice as soft as velvet drifted across the room.

Vincent took a deep breath as he stepped from the shadows, and braced for Joe’s reaction.

Joe turned, stared open mouthed… and then forced himself to speak "you’re right Cathy, he is a… ah… big?" Taking a deep breath he surprisingly extended his hand to Vincent and was shocked at the firm yet gentleness of his handshake. He looked at his hand enclosed in Vincent’s and thought…I understand many things now.

"It’s Joe, just Joe… and it’s good…to finally meet you Vincent."

Vincent stood quietly waiting, letting Joe look at him. This always made him uncomfortable, but felt it important to someone new in accepting him as he was.

"Well what’s for dinner Radcliffe, and please tell me you didn’t cook."

Suddenly Joe looked at Vincent as if he said something wrong, waiting for a reaction. Vincent only smiled as Catherine tried to look hurt, and then they all started laughing at once. The ice had been broken and the tension slowly evaporated.

"I’ll get some wine…or Joe I do have beer if you would rather?"

"Wine is fine for me Cathy, I do have some class you know" he grinned.

The two men stood awkwardly for a minute, simply sizing each other up, and when she reappeared she chuckled to herself.

"Oh…you gentlemen were waiting for me I presume?"

"Of course," they quickly said in unison.

Vincent took the tray with the wine and glasses from her "please let’s sit and be comfortable," he said extending his hand toward the sofas.

Vincent and Catherine sat on one couch and Joe sat across for them on the other dinky little couch.

Vincent looking straight at Joe started, "I want to thank you for your friendship with Catherine, it means a great deal to her…to both of us. She needs someone who knows about me…about us, someone she can count on and talk to. I’m truly in your debt and ready to answer any questions you may have… and please don’t feel uncomfortable asking. I only want what is best for Catherine and to see her happy. She has given up much…"

"Vincent, please stop" she whispered and put her hand in his looking deep into his eyes.

Silently Joe watched. He saw the look on their faces and the love in their eyes; there was something very special going on between these two people. Any questions he may have wanted to ask now seemed unnecessary in his mind. Only a few seconds passed, but it seemed like forever to Joe and he was feeling increasingly like a third wheel.

"Catherine, I think we are ignoring our guest and dinner is getting cold," he said breaking eye contact and taking a cleansing breath.

"Hey Radcliffe, do I smell Chinese?"

"Fresh from Henry and Lin’s place of course, you remember Joe; you took me there a few weeks ago for dinner?" There was that naughty grin on her face and Vincent saw it. He looked at Joe questionably.

Joe looked at Vincent, thinking he might have to defend himself, and then he remembered with whom he was dealing; oh right…a Cathy Chandler setup!

"You almost had me going there for a minute Radcliffe, but I’m wise to your devious courtroom tricks."

Over the ensuing years they became close friends almost brothers, Joe was godfather to one the twins and the boy, Joseph Vincent also was named for him.


Part Three

The children were in bed, asleep finally, and the sound of silence was a golden gift to their parents. Being parents to a twelve and five year old, plus twins now in the terrible twos was a lot of work.

Catherine was sitting in bed, propped up with pillows was reading as Vincent came from the shower still drying himself off. She looked at him and was reminded of her first sight of him in all his naked glory. God he was and still is beautiful and wonderful to look at, she thought taking in a deep breath, I will never get enough of that.

"Vincent you take my breath away every time you do that," she whispered closing her book and opening her arms to him.

"Do what my Catherine…I’m sorry, I thought you were reading" he said as he innocently leaned over their bed and purposely shook his wet hair on her.

"Oh, you’ll pay for that my wild wet haired lover! Come here and let me help you dry it before you soak the bed and me. I remember when you wore so many layers to hide this beautiful body of yours. You were so afraid of my rejecting you for your differences, the differences that make me love you more than I could ever tell you. Your body is beautiful to me and you use it to tempt me. I can’t resist you when do this! You’re more than incorrigible, you are absolutely wicked!"

"My love, what am I doing to you?" He smiled with that seductive head tilt of his and she was lost.

"You’re making me all hot and definitely bothered, and apparently so are you I see. Walking in here all naked and wet does it every time; but you know that don’t you? "

A few hours later, while they quietly rested in each others arms, she thought back to her first image of her amazing husband and lover…naked and wet.

She was waiting in his chamber; he had recovered with her help from going mad. Thus the plans of Paracelsus to turn him into a killing machine had failed, he had lost everything. He was dead and so were his evil ways.

Vincent had no memory of the time in the cave, they had made urgent love, to save him and bring him back to her. She couldn’t tell him for fear of causing a relapse; she would wait till the time was right.

Recently he had allowed more contact and was not uptight all of the time, be it only more hand holding or longer warm embraces. He was even allowing more contact when others were around, and not tensing if they noticed and smiled at the two of them. The Bond was gone, to be replaced by a new found peace in his life.

Catherine had changed her investigative work with Joe’s help and now would be doing only trial work. Safety was paramount in her decision. Not her safety…his. This way she could ensure he wouldn’t have to risk his life to save her.

As she waited, she thought about how comfortable they seemed with each other, and decided to perhaps try a little test. She slowly walked down the tunnel entrance to his bathing chamber; she could feel the warm moist air coming up from the entrance. Slowly she entered the chamber, stopped and gazed on the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

Vincent was emerging from the deeper part of the water toward the ledge where his towels were lying. Without the bond he had no sense of her being there, he was relaxed and comfortable in his nakedness.

God, he is beautiful, even more than I could ever imagine, was all she could think to herself.

He was standing, drying himself when he caught a slight movement at the entrance to the bathing chamber. He slowly wrapped the towel around his waist then reached for another to dry his hair. He gave no indication he knew she was there, he didn’t feel panic or fear, only this new found peace. He would never have let her see him like this before; it would have been totally against all he had ever known. Now for the first time in his life, it felt right. He could give her what she had been thinking of, dreaming of and desiring for so long…his same thoughts, same dreams and same desires for her would now come; they would be truly together at last.


With that one word, soft as mist on the water from those exotic lips she knew their time had come.


Part Four

It had been a normal day in their lives, Jacob and Charles off to school, Jenny and Joey to the tunnel nursery class and their parents off to their many respective duties.

Catherine still worked occasionally for Joe, and volunteered her legal talents for tunnel problems and for a number of women’s shelters. She saw so much of the bad side of families; she at times shuddered as she felt the despair and hopelessness of many of the situations. Vincent always felt these strong emotions in her and would send love and strength to help her deal with the raw emotional side of her work. She would return the favor by sending him love and gratitude.

Battered women were the worst for her to deal with; they kept following a cycle that always turned bad over and over again. They would go back to the bad relationship after their spouse or boy friends promised to reform and not abuse them again. Of course it was abuse and battering again, until they either were killed or finally found the courage to go to a shelter. There were times when they would leave the shelter and go back to the abuser, only to suffer more.

She had been working on a particularly nasty case for a few weeks and it had ended tragically. The abused woman was pregnant and had two small children at home. The husband was an alcoholic bully who beat her and the kids when ever he felt like it. But she always took him back. He promised to go to counseling and stop beating them. He even found work and the woman thought her luck had changed. It lasted not even a week and then fatally imploded. He took his first pay check and drank most of it, then proceeded to go home and beat them all. The mother and her unborn child died. The two small children suffered broken bones and would be placed in foster care when they got out of the hospital. He would go to jail for a long, long time. In Catherine’s eyes it would never be long enough.

She was devastated by the news of this useless act of violence. Two children put through so much at a young age, an unborn child that never had a chance to live and a mother who was not strong enough to break the cycle of abuse.

Vincent felt her feelings of helplessness and guilt in not being able to save this woman and her children. He would do anything he could to shoulder all her pain and give her some peace and hope.

She had sent him a message, telling him she would be home a little later tonight, she wanted to finish the paperwork and not have to work on it again. It truly had drained her and she just wanted it over!

Vincent told the children they would all go to the tunnels for one of Williams’ wonderful dinners tonight and then visit their grandfather for a little while. He wanted to be sure they would be tired and ready for bed shortly after their mother got home. He knew she was exhausted after this day’s events. She tried never to bring her work home; tonight he knew would be hard for her.

They all had a wonderful dinner and visit with Father, Mary even had the younger ones bathed and in their PJ’s. Vincent gathered his children and started the trek up the tunnels to the brownstone, he carried the twins to keep them clean, as Mary had instructed. Vincent always followed Mary’s advice; she was their grandmother in his mind.

Catherine had gotten home about 15 minutes before the "gang" arrived from Below. William had sent home her dinner and she ate it even though she said, "I’m not really hungry."

Vincent knew she couldn’t turn down one of Williams’s meals.

"Why don’t you guys take the little kids up to the study and I’ll clean up the kitchen and bring up some tea?" Jacob was always surprising them with his grown up attitude. His Bond with his father was strong, he knew something was going on that was causing his father to be distracted. He was sure it had to do with his mother’s work.

His father’s concern for her was running through their Bond. He couldn’t understand what the problem was; he only could feel the emotions were strong. Being the oldest son, he would take care of the little things to help his father help his mother.

Catherine sat on the old leather sofa with her three youngest, asking them about their day. They all tried to talk at once and she found comfort in the confusion. Her children were happy and loved. It was always chaotic in their home, but there was so much love within. She felt sorry for the others who seemed never to have enough.

Vincent came out of their bathroom and with a courtly bow told her, "My Lady, your bubble bath is awaits you."

She looked up in surprise. Before she could say anything, he took her by the hand, hugged her to his chest and kissed the top of her head. He then gently pushed her into the bathroom and closed the door after her.

For a moment she stood there and marveled at her mate, he always knew what to do to make her feel happy and loved. After what seemed hours, be it only an hour she emerged to see an image she would never…ever forget.

Vincent was sitting in his big leather chair; the twins were on his lap. Joey was sucking his thumb and holding on to one of the ties of his father’s vest. Jenny was sucking her thumb and her other hand entangled in his long mane. Vincent’s long legs were stretched out on the ottoman and Charles was stretched out on his father’s legs. Jacob was sitting on the floor with his head resting on his fathers’ knee. Vincent’s head was on the back of the chair, the book he had been reading was open on his lap, they were all asleep…and he was purring softly.

God I wished I could take a picture of this…can’t do that, dam it, where is Kristopher when I really need him, she thought? She sat down on the sofa to memorize this beautiful sight of a loving father and his children.

She thought about all the sadness of today and wished more families could be happy, although she didn’t think any could be as happy as theirs.

Tears started to fill her already misty green eyes; she tried to close the Bond before he picked up on it. He was sleeping so peacefully with his children; she didn’t want to wake him. She wanted to savor this moment for as long as she could, to burn this into her memory for eternity.

She was a moment too late; he slowly opened his big blue eyes and smiled at her, sensing her emotions. The love between them at times like this always felt like a warm sun filtering through their Bond and giving them a feeling of serenity. They sat very quietly for a long while enjoying what they had and all of the blessings they had received because of their undeniable love for each other.


Part Five


Catherine emerged from her long relaxing shower; it was nice not to have a small child knocking on the door with some monumental crisis. Vincent had taken the smaller children Below.

Jacob had stayed Above and was busy cleaning up the kitchen after the family breakfast. He told his Mom to "go take a long shower and relax, I can handle everything in the kitchen."

The phone rang as she passed by on her way to getting dressed," Hello, Chandler residence; Devin! Is that really you? Sure I can pick you up, what time will you be in…oh, of course you’re already at the airport. Ok, give me about an hour to get dressed and get there,…No, I did not say an hour to get dressed! That’s unheard of these days."

She called to Jacob and explained she had to go out for about an hour and a half.

"Do me a favor sweetie. When you’re done with the kitchen, go Below and ask your father to bring the rest of the gang back, I have a surprise for them and you too" she said smiling and kissing him on top of his head.

She felt her timing would work, by the time she finished dressing, went to the airport and back the gang would be coming up the home stretch from Below. "Perfect"

As soon as they got home Catherine and Devin went straight to the secret door leading to the tunnels. They waited just out of sight of the last turn, wanting to surprise Vincent and the children as they came around the last bend.

"Chandler, Vincent will know…I mean the Bond, he’ll know won’t he?"

"No, I kept other things floating through and hopefully he didn’t pick up anything. We’ll see shortly, I think I can hear the thundering herd approaching."

Her timing was perfect and she mentally patted herself on the back, good work Chandler; you’re getting more like Vincent everyday.

A minute later all that could be heard were the children all talking at the same time, laughing and questioning their father.

"What’s the surprise Dad," Charles asked.

"I’m not sure Charles, I guess we will just have to be patient and see when we get home."

"Surprise Daddy surprise, I love surprises" Jenny was tugging on his arm and squealing.

"Dad, can’t you tell…through the Bond I mean?"

"Sorry, Jacob, your mother is masking what ever it is."

"I thought she couldn’t do that."

"Your mother is a very clever lady my son, she has learned many things

and surprises me all the time."

"Daddy do you like mommy surprises you?"

"Yes I do Joseph, I like it very much."

Devin and Catherine were able to see the group a few seconds before they were seen. Devin stared in amazement at the sight he never dreamed he would ever see. His little brother with his children having fun like any other father would. The man didn’t even own the shirt on his back, but he was rich beyond belief with Catherine and his children. You could see it in the way he looked at them, his eyes wide with wonder that all this was his. Even the dreams Devin was irresponsible enough to dream that included Vincent, never did he contemplate him as a husband and father, let alone of four beautiful children.

He drifted back to the first image he had of his brother as a father. He had been away for a little over a year, when the call of the tunnels started sneaking into his dreams. He used the park entrance and started for the hub, he asked the sentry not to announce his presence, he wanted to surprise everyone. Little did he know the surprise would be on him for a change.

Vincent was in his chamber changing Jacob’s diaper; he heard Father speaking to someone and proceeded up the tunnel to his study. Father and Devin were embracing and slapping each other on the back. He came through the entrance and down the steps toward the two men. It was good to see the two of them together and happy. Devin’s back was to Vincent and Father broke into a big grin when he saw them approaching. Devin turned, saw his brother and welcomed him with a big hug.

"Hey, Bro it’s good to see you, believe it or not I actually missed your fuzzy self."

Then he stepped back and looked at him grinning. "Well I see Mary has you babysitting now. What no leaking pipes to fix, no rock slides to clear, or intruders to scare off? Really Bro, you need to find a hobby. Hey who’s the cute kid, another orphan?" he asked casually.

"This is Jacob; he paused to set the moment and then continued…my son."

"Your…your son…really Vincent…your son? Way to go Chandler! Wait it is Chandler isn’t it?" He just stared with the biggest grin he and Father had ever seen on Devin.

"Yes, Catherine, and she will be pleased at your…how should I say it… surprise at this reality in my life. Come, I was on my way home for dinner, I’m sure we have enough for one more."

That was a little over twelve years ago and now the sight of his brother and his children still was a dream never envisioned by any of them, except perhaps Catherine. She never failed to see the possibilities for this wonderful man of hers.

The children spotted them first and ran with arms wide to hug Uncle Devin all at once. They nearly knocked him over in a heap. If not for his brother’s quick reflexes ,Uncle Dev would have been flat on the tunnel floor buried under a mound of small bodies. Catherine stood with arms folded and laughed at the sight of two grown men trying to separate the four children and their favorite uncle. Dinner was going to be interesting with all this excitement…Pizza sounds like a plan to me, she thought.

Part Six

Free time, a misnomer is their life, what would they do with it? No children to care for, no duties needing to be done, and no crisis to deal with.

"Catherine how could this be, it makes no sense?"

"It makes wonderful sense, I think the gods of fate and perhaps Father and Mary decided we needed a little us time. We have two whole days of just us, you and me, no kids, no anyone! I’m sure we could find a thing or two to do to fill most of that time" she softly said as she started undoing the ties on his vest.

"Yes…I believe we could" he breathed softly.

With that he picked her up in his arms; headed up the stairs to their bedroom and slowly started to undress her. They fell into bed and tenderly pleasured each other until their joined bodies exploded in ecstasy. Finally they came back to reality, he was purring softly as she lay on top of him and they drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Awhile later he woke and looked at her sleeping curled up next to him. Since they were not touching he carefully slipped out of bed and walked over to the open French doors to look out at the moon and stars. This was one of his favorite sights in the Above world, the night sky that went on infinitely. Its peace always gave him comfort and belief in their dream.

He looked back at his sleeping wife, the mother of his children, his soul mate, and his lover. Images of her started to glide in his memory like a slide show. There were memories that he savored of the best and anguished the worst of times.

The image of her lying in the park, tossed away like she was nothing, beaten and bleeding tore at his heart. How could someone do this to her?

Seeing her on her balcony the first time, the scars gone, she was so beautiful. She accepted me and had no fear of me.

The vision of her coming out of the blue haze of the overhead light at the bottom of the threshold was breath taking. She was a vision of love that floated into his arms.

Remembering her holding and kissing my hands, telling me they were her hands, after I told her about Lisa. What courage this wonderful woman possesses.

The look in her eyes telling me she was pregnant with my child…our child. There was no fear or disgust, all I saw was her love and joy for me, for us. Her love has given me the courage to dream even more.

The sight of her nursing our children, giving them life, giving me a life I never envisioned. The gods of fate smiled on me and gave me her to love.

He leaned against the open door, inhaled the soft night air, his body bathed in moonlight and let himself remember more of her. So many images were small yet important pieces of who she was to him. They were little snapshots of their life together, meaningless to the casual observer, but to him gems of infinite value. He closed his eyes, saw her kissing their son’s scraped knee, combing their daughter’s hair, handing him a book of his favorite poems with a warm smile, or reaching up to touch his face with love in her eyes.

He remembered her coming to him through the curtain of dust after saving them from rock slide in the maze. She was covered with dust, her clothes dirty and rumpled, her face stained with dirt and tears…she was the most beautiful vision he would ever see. She looked at him with love, now he knew that she knew it was love…not courage that saved them.

He remembered the rain falling as they listened to the concert under park. Watching her dancing in the rain, not caring that her beautiful dress or her hair was getting wet, she was enjoying the beauty of the moment. Something so simple gave her great joy.

Her capacity for love was infinite and she gave it generously. He could only accept all she had given him, how could he deny her gift of love to him. He could deny her nothing; anything in his power to give or do for her was his life’s vocation.

He could feel her starting to awaken, he slid into bed beside her as she turned into his arms to snuggle and run her fingers through the soft hair on his chest. His lips tenderly brushed hers and she returned his attention.

"Is it morning yet?" she asked, eyes still shut, pushing her knee between his.

"Not yet, my love it’s still very early morning, the moon is still out and the stars are shinning brightly," he whispered in her ear.

"You’ve been up, enjoying the sights of the night again haven’t you, will you ever get your fill of that sight?"

"You my Catherine are the only sight I will never get my fill of…ever."

"Is that a come on line, mister?" She was now looking into his deepening blue eyes wickedly.

"I never thought I needed a come on line, but if you insist my love, come on over here and let me love you, again and again. I will never stop"

He would continue to add to his images…always…and forever.

The End