I’m the Lucky One

 by Rusty


 The late-night flight landed smoothly and taxied to the terminal gates as had hundreds of flights that day into New York’s busy La Guardia Airport.

 Catherine was returning from a legal seminar in sunny California, and a long overdue visit with some old friends.

  “I hate to leave cold snowy New York for the sun and warmth of San Diego,” Catherine told her family when she planned the trip.

 “Yeah, right, Mom; not even Dad would believe that story,” Joey teased.

 From the other room came that silky voice. “Joseph, are you teasing your Mother again?” Vincent inquired.

 “Yes, Dad, I cannot tell a lie. I am seriously teasing your wife,” Joey laughingly answered. 

This type of banter was the norm in their home. Vincent and Catherine’s home was full of love, more than most because they were all aware of how lucky they were. 

Catherine was coming home a day early to surprise her family. She knew Vincent would know and not tell their children. Keeping a surprise from him was next to impossible, but it was always fun trying.

She caught a cab home from the airport. It was quite late and the kids would most likely have gone to bed by the time her plane arrived.

Catherine quietly let herself in the brownstone and tiptoed up the stairs. She slipped into their bedroom and proceeded cautiously  to the door of the study, where she was sure her amazing husband would be. She didn’t hear any movement from the study.

So far so good!

She gently pushed open the bedroom door leading into the study. Vincent was stretched out in his comfy old leather chair, his bare feet up on the ottoman; a book lay across his furry chest. His head lay back, cushioned on the back of the chair. He was softly purring.

The soft glimmering light from the fireplace saturated the room with a golden hue that brought out all the beauty of her exotic husband. His tawny mane was a luminescent halo around his head. His leonine features added a magical nobility and character to his beautiful countenance.

Catherine stood, taking in all of the magnificence of the man she loved more than life. Vincent was truly a rare jewel, even more precious than anything from the Crystal Cavern or, for that matter, anyplace else in the universe.

Never in any dream she had ever had before knowing him could she have imagined she would love and be loved by this unique being. He was so full of love, and was treasured by all who knew him.

Vincent was everything to her…and more. He had given himself to her totally; his heart and soul were hers alone. He had given her his children to bear and give life to without question. They shared a life so unbelievably full of love.

How could this be, she often wondered.

Catherine simply stood there, trying to discern why the gods of destiny had chosen her to receive him, the deities’ most precious gift. She wasn’t complaining in any way, just mystified and deliriously happy. 

She cautiously proceeded further into the study, drinking in the splendor before her of the man she could never get her fill of. If Catherine had her way, she would crawl inside him and never leave that wondrous place.

Vincent always told her that he was the luckiest man on earth to have her love.

He was wrong! I’m the lucky one. God, how I love this man!

She quietly sat down on the hearth and lovingly contemplated her sleeping husband, one of her favorite things to do.

When I see him coming through the tunnels, he looks so majestic, walking through the haze that seems to create an aura around him. I feel at times our world is enchanted and I might wake to find it all a dream, a wonderful dream…but a dream only. I have to pinch myself to be sure what I have is real.

When Vincent kisses me, I feel a sweet serenity flow through my entire being. I sometimes wondered, does he really know what he does to me? How I feel when he holds me? I’m the most blessed person in the world.

She sat there, shaking her head and smiling to herself. He is mine and mine alone.

I don’t believe he truly understands how special and beautiful he is. I have tried to tell him in many ways. But then he just smiles, tilts his head, and makes me love him more, if that’s even possible.

Catherine closed her eyes and thought about all the joy and love he enveloped her in every minute of every day.

Her thoughts of his caresses and his kisses were creating heat and desire. She continued thinking how he made her tingle all over.  It’s getting quite warm in here. She stood and started walking toward him.

Vincent’s fire blue eyes slowly opened and he looked at her with love and desire.

“Catherine, you should have awakened me sooner. But I must say this way is much sweeter. I have missed you, my love. I intend to show you how much, if you’ll let me,” he said as he reached up and pulled her to him. She fell into his open arms and felt the electricity surge through her as their lips met. Their kisses grew in need until he picked her up and walked into their bedroom. He was wearing only his favorite old sweat pants, and his ardor was showing and testing the strength of the well-worn material.

“Ah… I see, Vincent. You did miss me. But not as much as I missed you, my love,” she whispered. She started undressing quickly as he closed the bedroom door and untied the belt on his sweat pants.

“Catherine, when you’re gone, it’s as if there is not enough air to breathe. There’s something displaced in my heart when you’re away. I’m as an empty cup waiting to be filled by your love,” he said, surrounding her in his loving arms.

“Then let me fill you up, my sweet love,” she seductively whispered.