Music Chamber


 They snuggled in the back of the new chamber. It afforded them a small privacy and he felt the sound was even better here than the music chamber beneath the concert platform in the park.  The music started, Vincent leaned his head back closed his eyes content to feel the warmth of the body leaning against his, two hearts beating next to each other and the sweet warm breath flowing across his neck.

 Hmm…one of Catherine’s favorite pieces of music; the musicians have captured the feeling of the composer completely, he thought.

 Remembering Vincent’s heartfelt plea on the rooftop months ago and hitting bottom even for him, Rollie made his decision.

He had finally come home to heal his mind and body from the cruelty and devastation of the drugs and the guilt he felt. The tunnel community, his only true family, helped him cure his addiction to drugs and guided him in understanding Ms. Kendrick’s death was not his fault.  She was a victim of the evil living in the world Above. With her always in his thoughts and in her memory he became their music teacher, a true inspiration to all.

Through his guidance and patience they had formed a quartet, who now gave their own wonderful concerts. He also taught the younger members of the community some of the more current music. This was usually done deep in the tunnels to avoid the possible corruption of the elders in the community, mainly Father.

  Vincent, Kanin and Mouse had worked to enlarge the chamber where the grand piano sat unused for so long waiting for Rollie to return. Benches were carved to seat all that came to hear and enjoy the music. Many small niches were carved for candles and when lit it created a soft ambient glow that filled the entire chamber. The ladies had sown pillows making the seating more comfortable, especially for the older members. It was cozier and more personal than sitting in the park, and no rain.

Almost all came for the concerts, except those who had duties to attend to. It was held usually after one of Williams’ wonderful Sunday dinners. They sat and were enveloped by the beauty and mystery of the music. It contained all the raw emotions, power, sadness, joy and tranquility. For some it was almost a spiritual event.

  When the concert was concluded, they sat as if entranced by the ethereal feelings of the music. The compositions of Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven and many of the others… were the friends they loved to revisit.


Vincent looked down at the small hand, fingers lovingly entangled in his mane, next to the sleepy eyes looking up at him.  He looked into her shimmering green eyes; the same loving look he sent to her was there.  He still found it almost impossible to believe, this miracle, this beautiful woman was his. His chest tightened as he remembered her love and all she gave him. He carried his precious gift back to their chamber, where he would love her and protect her until his last breath.