The morning sun crept slowly across their quiet bedroom and added a soft glow to their exceptional world. It was early; Catherine slept peacefully in his arms; he just watched and drank in her beauty. His thirst for her was never quenched, never enoughóGod how he loved her. He couldnít remember not loving her; it was as if she had been there in his heart always. It must be providence, he thought, there was no other answer. We were meant to be. Every minute that I spend with her, I find Iím falling more deeply in love with her. I didnít think that was possible; yes, this truly must be providence.

She started to wake; he raised her hand to his lips, kissed it lightly, and then replaced it on his chest. She opened her eyes and found his blue eyes darkening with love and desire. She started to knead his chest and place sweet kisses upon him. They tenderly kissed, touched, and loved as if it were the first time. As they lay, floating down from their joined ecstasy, all was right in their world.

Their home was quiet for once in a long, long time. Uncle Joe had taken Jacob to a fantasy baseball camp for the weekend. Aunt Jenny had taken Charles to visit her family for the weekend and Mary had taken the nine-week-old twins, Jenny and Joey, to the nursery "to most likely to spoil them," Father teased.

Vincent lay there, softly purring, his unique way of coming back to earth after loving her. She felt such peace and love in the Bond; nothing could ever diminish their love.

"What are you thinking about, my sweet man?"

"Providence," he whispered.

"Rhode Island?" she quizzed.

"No, my love Ö divine guidance."

"Vincent, tell me. Has all this peace and quiet troubled you somehow?"

She pushed up and sat beside him. He sat up and pulled her onto his lap, leaning back against the pillows. He enclosed her in his loving arms and held her close to his chest.

Since the twins were born, noise and disorder ruled their lives constantly. One new baby they were used to; but two new babies to care for, plus Jacob and Charles, took on a life of its own.

Jacob was always trying to help; they knew it was important to him, so they accepted it. Actually, he was a big help. He had quietly asked Mary to teach him how to change a diaper and inquired about other things he could do to help, even before the twins arrived. His secret classes with Mary had surprised his parents. He was as proud of himself as they were of himóMary, too.

"Catherine, as I watched you sleep, I thought about all the things in the universe that had to correctly occur to place us just where we were meant to be. How a beautiful topsider and a Ö not-so-normal tunnel dweller could become who and what we are today? If you had not left the party early that night, if those criminals had not taken the wrong woman, we would never have met. I wouldnít have found you and my life would not have changed forever. If you hadnít had the courage to love meófor meóI would still be lost in my aloneness. So many things, so many lives would be different without our love, and I think Ö no, I know, we owe it all to a divine providence."

"I believe youíre right Vincentówe have been lucky or blessed or whatever you want to call it. If you hadnít been found and brought to Father to be cared for, you would have been lost to me. If he hadnít loved you as his own, and raised you to the wonderful man you are, I would never have found the only man I could ever love, forever. Providence, maybe, I donít know what to call it; I only know Iím happy that we are the lucky recipients of it."

Their weekend was like a dream; food was left in the kitchen for them to enjoy at their leisure. Reading, loving, and relaxation filled most of their waking hours. When Sunday afternoon arrived, they were calm, refreshed, and missing all of the noise and disarray. They missed their four blessings.

By late afternoon, all of the peace and quiet had been replaced by their normal, chaotic life. Jacob was home talking about all the great stuff he had learned and the fun heíd had with Uncle Joe. Charles was just happy to be home and in his fatherís arms. Heíd had fun, but had missed his Dad and Mom. Jenny and Joey were content to nurse again, instead of the bottle feedings Mary had given them.

"Vincent, someday, we will look back on all this chaos and smile Ö just not very soon, Iím afraid."

"My love, I donít think either of us would change a minute of the wonders providence has provided."

The End