Joan Stephens

Catherine gazed intently at the woman in the mirror, seeking any flaw in the picture reflected there. Was her hair brushed enough so that it shone and reflected the light of the boudoir lamp sitting on her dressing table? Was the peignoir seductive enough? Was her makeup just right? The glow that emanated from her had convinced her that she need not wear much makeup tonight. A touch of eye shadow, a blush of rouge on her cheeks, and a soft alluring shade of rose on her lips was all she needed. She straightened the shoulder of her ivory silk peignoir to remove a wrinkle and smoothed a fold from its skirt. Taking a step back, she checked herself once more. Yes, that would have to do. There was nothing more she could do to make herself more lovely in his eyes.

She sensed him then, standing just inside the bedroom doors, and as she turned to him, he said in his whispery, gravelly voice, "You are so beautiful," and she knew all her efforts had been worth it. Tonight was the night she had waited for since the time she knew that she loved him beyond all thought, beyond all reason, beyond all dreams.

Holding his arms wide, he beckoned her into their warm and loving embrace. With a soft smile, she walked into her dream.