Joan Stephens

Softly, she comes to me in the night, sinking into my arms, so small and slight that she rests like a feather on the bed.

Gently, her love enfolds me, healing all my aches and bruises, soothing away my fears and  disappointments.

Lovingly, she leads me to the heights of passion, inflaming my heart and soul with her kisses and caresses.

Easily, she accepts me into her body, making me whole and complete as we soar on wings of oneness that only we can know.

Quietly, she rests in my arms, sending wave after wave of contentment and fulfilment through the bond as I silently weep at the wonder of this woman and the majesty of her love for me.

Contentedly, she falls asleep, knowing she is safe, and I watch the blush of a gentle, tender smile come to her lips as she begins to dream.

Willingly, I fall into her dreams as I drift into a delightful slumber, cradling her soft body against mine, and I find the world of love and light that is waiting for those who love truly.