This is a BATB crossover story with "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" and the 1980's animated series "Alvin and the Chipmunks," and various other characters.


Dave's Wedding and a Lost Chipmunk

By Mathew Bailey


Wedding plans affected Alvin while in New York City, and while seeking peace within himself, he went to Central Park. At 10:30 pm., a medium-sized, dark, shadow-like figure nearly the size of a human teenager could be seen wandering around Central Park. He was aware of his surroundings and trying to keep from being disoriented as the clear night sky loomed overhead. The figure looked around and slowly broke into a run. 

"Lost!" thought the young 13-year-old. "Where in Central Park am I?" he thought as he ran through the darkness inside the massive park. He wore a red cap on his head, but due to the lack of daylight, it appeared a dark red, almost black, color. He continued to run until he came upon a large culvert from which he had noticed a faint but warm, welcoming light emanating. He ran toward the culvert and slowed his speed. His red cap began to get brighter in color as he neared the culvert. 

His seemingly human face came into view as he approached the lighted entrance. His face had the nose of a chipmunk. The red shirt he wore began to become more noticeable as he entered the culvert. It bore a large yellow "A" on it. He went through the open gate that was inside the entrance, and then along the tunnel, until he entered a chamber with several tunnels connected to it. He noticed the tunnels were lit, some dimly but not too dimly. He turned left into one of the tunnels and walked along it.

 He traveled through several more tunnels until he was exhausted. He came upon another chamber which had several tunnels connected to it. At that point, he became worried about where he was. He pulled out his cell phone and pressed a few buttons. The ring signal was heard a few times, then a male voice similar to his was heard.

"Hello?" the other voice answered in a seemingly high-pitched, but not too high-pitched, accent.

"Simon, it's me," he responded.

"Alvin, where are you?" the other chipmunk asked.

"I'm in some kind of network of tunnels below the city. Where, I don't know, since I'm lost," Alvin replied.

"The subway tunnels?" Simon asked.

"No, different," Alvin said.

"Alvin," Simon said, "how will we find you? Dave and the others will be sorely worried and upset."

"I know," Alvin said. "Even though I'm lost, I somehow have to get back above and find you. Goodbye," he said, and disconnected the call.

"Alvin, you've done it. You've gotten yourself lost big time," he said to himself. He continued to talk to himself about how he was going to get Above, until he drifted off to sleep.

He awoke in the same place, lying down within the same multiple-tunnel chamber. He was barely awake, so he did not notice two males approaching him that sounded similar to each other. Alvin finally heard a velvety, gentle-sounding voice say, "I found him," as the man bearing the voice gently laid a gloved hand on his right shoulder.

Alvin sat upright with a start, but as he was still somewhat engrossed in his sleep, he didn't have time to run from whomever had touched him.

"No one down here is going to harm you," the gentle voice said again.

He looked up to see a human face, but with a cat-like nose lightly covered with fur. It had a pair of blue eyes, the most beautiful Alvin had seen. The man's face was flanked on either side with thick, soft, long golden-blonde hair, which also covered his head and ears.

"You seem to be lost and tired," the man told Alvin.

He felt the man pick him up and gently carry him in his arms. He noticed the man's muscularity as he was beginning to be carried by him.

"My name is Vincent," he said. "Do you have a name?" he asked.

Alvin responded with "A-ahem...Alvin Seville."

"Dont worry, Alvin, I and my friends are here to help." he said. "Jacob, let's get him to the main chambers," Vincent said as he met his adult son Jacob.

"Father," Alvin heard Jacob say to Vincent, "do you realize who he is? He's Alvin Seville, one of the famous chipmunks from the 1980's 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' TV series," Jacob told Vincent as they walked through the various tunnels.

"You mean-" Vincent said, but was interrupted by Jacob.

"Of course, Vincent, that cartoon - you know, the one I and you sometimes watched, even when I was young, I'd watch it down here or in Mom's apartment."

Vincent, Jacob, and Alvin, still in Vincent's arms, arrived in the main chamber. Catherine happened to be present when they walked in.

"Catherine," Jacob said, "we happened to find someone who I believe you'll recognize." He had a smile of joy on his face.

"Alvin? You mean one of the chipmunks you would sometimes tell and show me about?" Catherine asked as she recognized who Vincent was carrying. "Seems they are visiting New York again," she said.

"Yes, and it's only by chance that I've met Alvin out of all the chipmunks in person," Jacob said to his mother.

"Our guest seems to be very tired," Vincent mentioned. "I'll let him sleep and then find what can be done," Vincent added as he carried Alvin to his chamber.

Vincent and Alvin arrived in Vincent's chamber and Vincent carried him over to his bed and laid the tired chipmunk in it. Alvin felt himself and his head sink into the soft, comfortable surface and pillows of Vincent's bed. He began to stir slightly and then drifted once more to sleep.

The first thing that he noticed when he awoke in Vincent's chamber was that one and a half feet above the bed he was in was a large gold semicircular stained glass window. Vincent had Alvin covered in a blanket. He saw his own clothes and other belongings lying next to Vincent's table. Vincent and his son Jacob, plus Vincent's adult daughter Jennifer, were at the table.

Alvin easily recognized Vincent by the gloves he was wearing. Jacob and Jennifer had their hands bare, and Alvin noticed a light covering of fur on their hands. He saw Vincent remove his gloves, revealing also fur on them along with long claw-like thumbnails and fingernails. Alvin's eyes widened, but then he remembered the gentleness in Vincent and Jacob's voices.

He noticed that Jennifer's voice was similar to the other two, and heard their names many times as they exchanged conversation. Like Vincent, Jennifer and her brother also had long golden blonde hair, even though her hair was slightly lighter in color then her father and brother's.

Vincent began kneading his hands and then exited the chamber. Alvin heard a conversation between him and a woman through the chamber entrance. Alvin then saw a brown-haired woman enter Vincent's chamber who began conversing with his daughter and son, and he heard the name "Catherine" said several times. She then approached him.

Catherine told Alvin to get up. She introduced herself as well as Jennifer and Jacob.

Alvin was in some bedclothes as they led him into one of several bathing chambers that contained one of several showers. He undressed and began showering. When he was finished, he dried himself and put on some underclothes. He was guided back to Vincent's chamber and put on his own clothes that were still lying next to Vincent's table.

Alvin, Vincent and the others left, and arrived in the main chambers where Father and other Tunnel people and Helpers were. Several Tunnel people and Helpers immediately recognized Alvin. Alvin was introduced to several Tunnel people and Helpers of varying ages. From children to adults, they hugged him.

Father said, in a polite and friendly voice, that Alvin should be welcome in the Tunnels. Catherine gave him some food and drink for breakfast, which he immediately took a liking to.

Esteban, Zia and Tao also sat next to Alvin at the same table, while Tao's parrot Kokapetl ate seeds from a small bowl. Alvin noticed the identical medallions that Zia and Esteban were wearing. Mouse also wore an identical medallion. He recognized Esteban, Zia, Tao and their parrot, and mentioned their own TV series to them.

"Now I know why you're famous. All three of us have seen your show, Alvin, several times!" Esteban mentioned to Alvin in a friendly manner.

Alvin explained that he and the other Chipmunks, as well as the Chipettes, and Dave and Mrs. Miller, repeatedly watched "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" since 1986.

Catherine then came over to their table and asked Alvin if he had some way to contact those Above who were looking for him.

He agreed and took out his phone. He found Simon's number and dialed it.

Simon's phone rang and he answered it. "Hello?"

"Simon," he said to Simon, who had a sleepy tone in his voice.

"Alvin, you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, Simon, I'm still below, but some friends who live there found me and are helping me," he said.

He heard Simon say something and then Alvin mentioned to Catherine about Dave and Miss Miller. Alvin handed Catherine his phone and there was a pause, and then Dave Seville's voice was heard.

"Yes, is this David Seville?" she asked. There was a pause and then she said, "My name's Catherine Chandler. I'm a New York City assistant district attorney and founder of the Wells-Chandler Foundation in this area." There was another pause, and then, "Are you familiar with an Alvin Seville?" she asked.

She heard Dave's voice change into an excited tone.

"Yes, my friends and I and my husband and our son found him. He was tired and had been lost for some time down here," she told Dave.

"Okay, so you and Miss Beatrice Miller are the legal guardians," she said after a pause. "Yes, I'd like you to come down here, but first there are some important rules I need to mention."

Catherine explained where the location was and the rules about it to Dave before disconnecting the call, and then she handed Alvin's phone to him.

It took an hour for Dave and his friends to get to where Alvin was within the Tunnels while Alvin and his new friends were in the main chambers. Then Vincent, Alvin, and the others heard Simon, Theodore, and the three Chipettes exclaim as they arrived, "Alvin!!" They rushed to him and embraced him and then gasped excitedly in a joyful manner as they immediately recognized the other people.

"It's Vincent and Catherine from 'Beauty and the Beast'!!" the Chipettes, Eleanor, Jeanette, and Brittany, exclaimed.

Simon immediately recognized Tao, Esteban and Zia, as did the other Chipmunks and Chipettes.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes as well as Esteban, Tao, Zia and others joyfully introduced each other. David Seville and Beatrice Miller then appeared, and they and others introduced each other.

"So this is the Vincent and Catherine I've seen on TV and online," Dave mentioned. "The Chipettes and the Chipmunks have watched 'Beauty & the Beast' and 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' a lot and never have grown tired of them."

Beatrice Miller, known as Mrs. Miller, mentioned, "Sometimes the Chipettes would be crying watching 'Beauty and the Beast's third season when Catherine was kidnapped and separated from her first child," she said.

Dave said, "Sometimes Alvin, Theodore and Simon used to run and hide when they watched 'Beauty and the Beast' and heard and saw Vincent roaring! But nowadays they don't anymore." With that, everyone broke out in laughter, including Vincent, who was laughing loudly.

"Simon, what's the other show that sometimes you used to watch, you know, with that cartoon kid and his white dog?" Alvin asked.

"Belle & Sebastian," Simon answered.

"Oh, I forgot!" Dave mentioned. "Beatrice Miller and I are supposed to be married in this city this week and that's why I brought Alvin and everyone else along!"

There was some exclaiming among the crowd and then cheering was heard.

Catherine reacted by hugging Dave and noticeably lifted him off the floor before setting him back on his feet.

The cheering died down and Dave mentioned, "I'm terribly sorry about Alvin's reaction about my wedding. He was overwhelmed, I guess, with what was happening, and decided to find someplace in Central Park to have peace with himself."

"That's why he became lost and eventually, I and Jacob found him in the Tunnels," Vincent replied.

"How long before the wedding?" Father asked.

"Three or four days," Dave said.

"Sounds like an ideal wedding." Catherine smiled as she replied.

"After the wedding Above," Vincent mentioned, "how about a huge after-wedding here Below?"

"That's great!" Beatrice exclaimed excitedly.

"It will be private to those who know us and are coming to know us," Catherine said.

"It's too big for the Great Hall, so we'll have it in a larger place down here," Jacob, Vincent's son, mentioned. 


Three days passed and the wedding Above ended. It was June 1st, 2013, 6:30 pm, and  it was dusk Above, becoming darker by the minute. The after-wedding had been assembled in a large area within the Tunnels.

A single row of brightly colored carpet of differently colored lengths was neatly laid. Mouse and others had found the carpeting in some new buildings Above and in some that were being renovated, including part of the Burch Tower that was being remodeled for the offices of the Wells-Chandler Foundation. Catherine's apartment was no longer occupied. Instead, she had temporarily moved into a larger empty building she had found while making plans for a massive sized apartment that was being prepared for her on the ground floors of the Burch Tower.

Dave had planned to bring the Chipmunks and Chipettes and Mrs. Miller to Detroit to tour the city and to be on Tim Allen's show-within-a-show called "Tool Time." But now he decided to stay the whole next two weeks here in New York City.

The area was laden everywhere with beautiful wedding decor. Everyone, including the X-Men and the Ghostbusters, were present. Slimer, the green Class 5 ghost and Ghostbuster's companion, was busy downing a bag of potato chips.

After the post-wedding, the Chipmunks and Chipettes would decide to fly the Golden Condor of Esteban, Zia, and Tao's that Egon Spengler had modified so it would not only fly on its original solar power source but also without the need for solar power, if necessary. Esteban would be the aircraft's pilot.

The after-wedding was about to start, and everyone was gathered in their formal wear. Among them, Esteban was dressed in beautiful red pants of faux silk, and a white and silver sequined shirt.

Mouse, now an adult, stood beside an antique electronic Wurlitzer tube organ that he and others had found and repaired, while Kipper, also now an adult, began playing the organ.

Dave and Beatrice Miller began walking along the carpeted aisle toward Father, who stood waiting. Dave was joking about being married the second time on the same day.

Ron Perlman and other "Beauty and the Beast" actors and crew from the show either stood or sat near or around where Father was him. Ron could easily spot the Chipmunks and Chipettes as well as Esteban, Zia, Tao, and his parrot, and Sancho, Pedro and Mendoza.

Dave couldn't help noticing that Mendoza's natural hairstyle looked exactly like his natural hairstyle.

Both Dave and Mrs. Miller turned and stopped in front of Father.

Father began the wedding process. "Do you, Mister David Seville, take Mrs. Beatrice Miller to be your lawfully wedded wife as long as you help you by God's grace?"

He responded with "I do."

"Do you, Mrs. Beatrice Miller, take David Seville as your lawfully wedded husband as long as you help you by God's grace?"

Mrs. Miller responded with "I do."

Dave and Beatrice were already each wearing a gold diamond wedding ring.

"You, Mister David Seville, now may kiss the bride." Father smiled.

Loud cheering erupted and Catherine hugged both Dave and his wife. Everyone began embracing each other, including Alvin, who embraced Vincent along with Alvin's new friends from Below and Above. The whole area was alive with paper and confetti being thrown into the air. Later, fireworks would be watched by Dave and Beatrice with the Chipmunks, Chipettes and friends from the Empire State Building with Esteban, Tao and Zia, being awed by the aerial display from the building's 86th floor observation area.




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Written by Mathew Bailey

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