Like a Mouse

By JessicaRae95


Quiet, running, hiding fleeing,

The quick way he was taught of being

Invisible, silent, dark as night

Keeping in hiding from noise and light.

Taking, borrowing, building parts

An inventor in his mind and heart.

Trying, succeeding, failing some,

Working hard till complete and done.

All of this seemed to build within his mind

The world of things he'd left behind

Through making and building trying to hide

The past hurts and fears he buried inside.

Misunderstood for his strange rambling way,

He often angered and worried everyone away.

But he still held a place in the tunnels below,

And in the hearts of the folks he'd come to know.

The world Above chained to his world below

Through bits and pieces parts and bones

Of old shattered dreams and wished he grew

Deep in his heart that no one else knew.

With quiet scurrying habits he traveled in haste,

Through tunnels he helped both to guard and to make.

At home not in a cave, a boat, or a house

But home in a tunnel, just like a Mouse.