A New Twist
Pat King

Father could hear Catherine's giggling as it tinkled down the passageway. The low undertone of his son's laughter -- something rarely heard -- carried it along as a breeze carries the sound of chimes, coming together as one refreshing melody. He paused, unsure as to whether he should interrupt the happy couple, but continued his progress when the sounds of other voices reached his ears.

"Vincent ..." As he rounded the bend in the tunnel and stood in the entryway, the sight he beheld stunned him into silence. Jamie, Mouse, Samantha, Geoffrey and Kipper sat scattered around the chamber and in the midst of them were his son and Catherine in the most compromising positions, arms and legs intertwined. As he stared in shock, Vincent peered at him from beneath Catherine's arm.

"Yes, Father?" His voice betrayed no sense of embarrassment and more than a little amusement.

"Jamie," Catherine's urgent voice interrupted the tableau. "Hurry up!"

Ignoring Father's appearance, Jamie fiddled with something in her lap.

"Right hand, yellow," she gleefully called out.