The Weekend

Carol Lowden

As Catherine was crawling into bed in the guest chamber, she thought back to the wonderful evening she had spent with Vincent. After a hectic day at work, listening to the children’s concert, eating the goodies William had prepared afterwards and the stroll thru the tunnels hand in hand with Vincent, she was left exhausted, but blissful. Pulling up the covers and closing her eyes, she was ready to dream about the rest of the weekend she would be spending below with him.

Awakening during the night needing to use the tunnels facilities and not ready to go back to bed just yet, Catherine decides to amble about the tunnels for a little while. Remembering her dream of Vincent and her together, she finds herself standing at the entrance to his chamber. Feeling somewhat guilty she leans her head against the rock wall smiling. "I’ll just watch him sleep for a few minutes." Clamping down on the bond so as not to awaken him, Catherine watches him thinking, he is so beautiful, why won’t he believe me when I tell him that we can have A Happy Life. Seeing that Vincent is dreaming, she is sure it is about the two of them. "Oh Vincent, why will you only dream of us together when I would come to you willingly." Not being able to only watch, Catherine walks quietly over to him and kisses him lightly on the forehead. As Catherine turns to walk back to her chamber, she softly whispers to him "Someday Vincent, Someday"

Vincent is dreaming of Catherine, holding her, kissing her, caressing her and telling her of his undying love. She is looking into his eyes with a longing and desire that is making him dizzy. His heart is pounding and his breathing rapid as he is lowering Catherine onto his bed. The feel of her naked in his arms is beyond his wildest imagination; all the while she is whispering to him, "I will never leave you, Vincent. I am here for you, always and forever!" Content in his slumber, Vincent is unaware that Catherine is watching him, echoing the same thing.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday morning finds Vincent on his way to the lower chambers to help repair some pipes that couldn’t wait. Knowing that Catherine was keeping herself busy visiting with Father, Mary and helping Rebecca make candles, he went about his work wanting only to finish quickly to return to her.

Cullen, Kanin, Mouse and some of the other tunnel residents were already there. They all welcomed him and as time went on, he notices that they have been giving him strange looks. Curious, but not wanting to ask why they are smiling, he goes about his work. At one point Cullen pokes him in the ribs with his elbow and winks, asking him "So how are things between you and Catherine going?" "Fine." he answers, not knowing why the sudden interest. Later he finds Mouse smiling and muttering, "Catherine and Vincent. OK GOOD, OK FINE." Another time he sees Kanin, along with the others also smiling at him. Shaking his head in wonderment, he continues with repairing the pipes.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On his returning thru the tunnels, he encounters Samantha and Kipper and stops to ask how they are doing. "Uh, we’re OK. How’s Catherine?" Then not waiting for an answer, they take off giggling to themselves. Seeing Mary farther down, he inquires as to how her visit with Catherine went. She smiles up at him, saying she’s fine and awaiting his return.

After completing the pipe repairs, Vincent heads to Fathers chamber to give him a progress report, and then to the bathing chamber before he sees Catherine. Seeing him sitting at his desk, Vincent lowers himself into the opposite chair. Father puts down his book and looking up, is about to ask Vincent how the repairs went, when instead he raises an eyebrow and starts smiling at him. After listening to Vincent bring him up to speed, he tells him to look in the mirror while he is in the bathing pool. Not understanding why, he agrees. Looking in a mirror is something Vincent has always avoided as much as possible.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After finishing bathing, Vincent heads straight to Catherine who is quietly reading in the guest chamber. She looks up at him, knowing she has done more daydreaming than reading. Putting the book down, she gets up and wraps her arms about him and smiles. "I’ve missed you so much Vincent, knowing you were so close, yet so far away from me. How did the repairs go, is everything OK now?"

"Yes, the pipes are fixed and there should be no more danger of flooding in that area now. But Catherine, there is something that I must ask you. Did you come into my chamber last night while I was sleeping?"

Lowering her head so he can’t see her blush, she asks "Why Vincent!" thinking he knows I was there and he is upset with me.

Tilting his head the way Catherine finds so endearing, he looks at her smiling. "Because my dearest Catherine, it would appear that I have been walking around all day with a red lipstick kiss on my forehead."

Laughing and trying to control herself, Catherine looks up at him. "I’m so sorry Vincent. Yes, I went to your chamber last night. I woke up needing to use the facilities, and noticing that my lips were dry, I dug into my bag and the only thing I could find to use was some red lipstick. Being that I was up, I couldn’t help but go and peak at you sleeping. You were so peaceful and beautiful, that I couldn’t resist giving you a kiss. I had completely forgotten I had put on the lipstick. I didn’t mean to cause you any embarrassment. Please forgive me."

Knowing that he could never be mad at Catherine, he hugs her and tells her "I am not upset with you. But the next time you have the desire to kiss me, could you please keep it between us and not have me share it with the rest of the community."

All the while saying this, he is secretly wishing that he had been awake so as to feel her soft luscious lips upon him. Oh such bliss…….

Smiling at him, says "I promise not to embarrass you like that again Vincent. But I won’t promise never to kiss you again." And with that she raises up on her tip toes and brushes the lightest of feathery kisses on his lips, thinking someday Vincent, someday I will be giving you more than just kisses.

* * * * * * * * * * * *